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Top 10 Things to Look For In an External Agency


Top 10 Things to Look For In an External Agency

The US economy is projected to increase by 3% this year.  This projection is sure to spark a renewed need for top talent in the coming days, weeks, and months.  While some companies will rely on attracting qualified applicants by the ‘post and pray’ method, others will support internal recruitment teams and leverage referral and incentive based programs.  Although these avenues to “candidate entry” are viable ways for companies to recruit, they can also be tedious, expensive and time consuming.

How to Get References That Work For You


How to Get References That Work For You 2

So you have your resume reviewed by the right people, landed an interview and impressed the Hiring Manager enough that he/she is going to check your references.  If you have waited until this “end stage” of your job search to start putting together references, you have definitely waited too long.  At this point, it doesn’t matter if you have spent hours writing, tailoring and rewriting your resume.  You may have seriously jeopardized your chances of closing the deal/receiving the offer.

Teaming Up To End Hunger


Group Pic Final

Last night at the 'Greater Boston Food Bank' our very own Derek McKinley, Jennifer Kuchy, Chris Wallingford and Angelena Tentilucci participated in the Association of Legal Administrators – Boston Chapter’s volunteer drive to help End Hunger. 

We Celebrate International Women’s Day


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This Sunday, March 8, 2015, we celebrate International Women’s Day

Sokhanary Lister: 2014 Temporary Of The Year


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Last week on a crisp afternoon, with her supervisors at Nurtury displaying their support, we had the honor of presenting the 2014 Temporary Staffing Representative of the Year Award, including a check for $500, to Sokhanary (Sok) Lister. 

5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid


5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

As you prepare for your interview, there are so many things to think about:  What am I going to wear?; Should I get a haircut?; What is my potential future employer going to ask me?  You already know that by answering these questions accurately and thoughtfully you are one step closer to a new job.  On the flipside, if you give an answer that doesn’t make sense you may have lost your chance at your dream job.

Congratulations to Derek Papazian


January 2015

Temporary of the Month - January 2015

Winner of the $100 Outstanding Performer Award!

From his very first assignment, Derek’s attitude and professionalism have made him an exceptional Temporary Staffing Representative.  He consistently receives rave reviews from our clients who continuously request him back on additional assignments. His skills are applied in administrative and paralegal roles with our corporate legal and law firm clients.  As he continues to grow, we can’t thank him enough for his hard work, dedication and flexibility.

How to Job Hunt on a Snow Day


How to Job Hunt on a Snow Day

Winter Storm Juno is over, but chances are we have not seen the last of the white stuff. 



The Big Game

This Sunday we join with our friends and families alike to watch the two best teams from each division duke it out…amongst the lights and expectations of viewers…to take home Footballs top prize.  While the spirit of the Big Game is rooted in sportsmanship, athleticism and good hearted competition, we all know (not so secretly) that both teams wish to annihilate their competition.  It is this fact, along with the highly anticipated commercials, that keep viewers hooked year after year.

Congratulations to Christian Vasquez!


Christian (Temp of the Month) December 2014

Temporary of the Month December 2014 and winner of the $100 prize!

Christian’s positive attitude and dedication have made him an exceptional Temporary Staffing Representative.  He consistently receives rave reviews and his assignments are continuously extended.  His strong experience in customer service has made him an exceptional office services member.  Christian, we appreciate your hard work and dedication; you have followed through every step of the way.

We look forward to seeing your continued success in 2015.


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