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Congratulations Douglas MacDonald!


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Temporary of the Month for October 2014 and winner of the $100 prize!

Doug first came to JOHNLEONARD in October 2013.  Doug’s positive attitude, a "pitch in" with a smile on your face style regardless of the type of assignment, is what makes him exceptional.  His skills have been applied in data entry, reception, convention registration and customer support roles within our education, legal and green energy clients.  These clients have continuously requested him back due to his willingness to accept responsibility, courteous manners, and flexibility.  JOHNLEONARD continues to receive nothing but stellar client feedback and we are grateful to have him on our team.  

Doug you have been great every step of the way.


5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating at Work


5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating at Work

We all do it.  We troll Reddit , color code our planner, and we online shop for new post-it notes,  all before completing a single aggravating task.  Procrastination is natural, but often times, it can hinder your work performance.  Learning how to control your distractions and buckle down on those tough assignments is an important step in career growth….but it’s tougher than it sounds.


4 Ways to Say “Yes I Can” and Achieve Your Goals


4 Ways to Say “Yes I Can” and Achieve Your Goals

We have all met them, those really successful individuals, who seem to do everything before the age of 30.  They have been early accepted to Ivy League Universities, started successful nonprofits, traveled, and managed to hold down a super high powered job all along the way.


How to Negotiate Your Salary


How to Negotiate Your Salary

Do you dread salary negotiations?  We are told early on in our careers to never bring up salary during an interview.  However, with today’s busy schedules, do you really want to waste resources and time going through the interview process only to learn you are being offered a compensation package that is less than desirable?  The problem is that most employers have set reasons why they won’t disclose salary.

It’s Not You, It’s Me: How to Professionally Reject a Job Offer


It’s Not You, It’s Me   How to Professionally Reject a Job Offer

So, you landed the job…or maybe you landed more than one.  Congratulations!  Remember, this is a happy problem.  Having to reject a job offer means that (hopefully) you are accepting another offer, or you are in the position to wait for something that is more in line with your career goals.

How to Avoid the Zombie Work Apocalypse


Zombies   How to Avoid the Work Apocalypse

As we pay homage to the dead this All Hallows Eve, I encourage you to stand up and take note, because you may already be surrounded by zombies and you are in serious danger of becoming one!  Why you may ask?  Simple, as you drink your apple cider, remember that one bad apple can rot the whole barrel just as negativity, bad attitudes, and overall distracting employees can sour your work environment.  They come from every angle and sometimes you don’t know which way to turn, run, or hide. 


Congratulations Haley Thurston!


Haley Thurston September 2014

Temporary of the Month for September2014 and winner of the $100 prize!

From her very first assignment in January, Haley’s attitude and professionalism have made her an exceptional Temporary Staffing Representative.  She consistently receives rave reviews from our clients who continuously request her back on additional assignments. Her skills are applied in administrative and office support roles with our publishing, healthcare, sustainable energy and urban planning and development clients. 

As she continues to grow, we can’t thank her enough for her hard work, dedication and flexibility.


Skype Interviews: How to Recover from a Bad Connection


Skype Interviews   How to Recover from a Bad Connection

Today, Skype interviews are becoming increasingly common.  They save you the hassle of taking time off to travel to another location, and they save your interviewer the money of having you visit.  However, like many things in modern technology there can be a few technical glitches.

Salary, Benefits, Perks and More Oh My…Look at the Whole Picture!


Salary, Benefits, Perks and More  Oh My…Look at the Whole Picture!

Salary and benefits were often the initial deciding factor when an employee accepted an offer, but more recently, candidates want to see the whole package before they even go in for that first interview.  Not only do they want to know what their salary and benefits will be, but also job flexibility, PTO, perks, and more.

Thank You Note Etiquette in the Digital Age


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So, you’ve aced the interview.  Next step?  It’s time to send a thank you note. 

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