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Find the Perfect Job, One Rose at a Time



The beginning of the week is hard, but despite the post weekend blues and the procrastination from the prior week catching up with me, I push through to get to Monday night.   Even though I should probably be grocery shopping, cleaning my apartment, doing laundry and catching up on some much needed sleep, I find myself completely ignoring everything and plopping myself down on the couch to watch ABC’s The Bachelor, my ultimate guilty pleasure.

Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza 2014!


John Leonard Employment Services SH July 24 2014 master 003

To celebrate a great Q2, everyone at JOHNLEONARD embraced their competitive spirit and teamed up to participate in the ultimate scavenger hunt.   With Captain’s Matt Galvin, Angelena Tentilucci, Mackenzie Phaneuf and Eric Lenz, there was no shortage of fun as we took Boston by storm.  Share in our adventures and overall team spirit as you tour our 2014 scavenger hunt extravaganza photo gallery!


7 Tips for Women on How to Dress Professionally in an Interview


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So you’ve scored the perfect interview, you’re prepared with questions, and you’ve gotten your beauty sleep. But wait, what do you wear? Dressing for an interview is often one of the most overlooked parts of the process. Being comfortable and looking your best during an interview often shows confidence which will help your interview go smoother. We’re not saying to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but knowing how to properly dress during your interview could be what’s sitting between you and the call back. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to ooze confidence during your interview.  

Do your research

Job of the Week: IP Docketing Specialist


Patent Docketing word cloud

IP Docketing Specialist

3 Tips to Sleep Well & Be Productive


Cat sleeping on keyboard

Are you getting enough sleep?  According to the CDC more than a third of Americans receive less than seven hours of sleep per night.  As a result, many are having trouble concentrating, remembering, and even driving.  I will admit, I have had these troubles from time to time and know, firsthand, that it can affect personality, work performance, energy levels, and even eating habits.  There are a few foolproof ways to gain more sleep and give yourself the recharge you deserve.

#WordCrimes Have Been Committed



A few weeks ago the newest album by Weird Al was released.  Among the tracks was a parody of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.  The new spin on the popular song was quickly spread across the internet as a good way to educate co-workers on their bad grammar and spelling.   However, I believe it’s applicable to, well, everyone.

Job of the Week: Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Salary: $60K

6 Tips For Men...Dress For Success


men's interview attireDeciding what to wear for a job interview can be a very stressful ordeal.  I remember the day before my first professional interview looking for something to wear, tearing through my closet, my brother's closet, and my father's closet.  I could hear my dad yelling in the background "you don't want to be overdressed but you also don’t want to be underdressed" which really didn’t help me what-so-ever (sorry Dad).  Although he didn’t do a good job getting his point across, he had a very good argument.  Your outfit for a job interview can be the difference between landing a second interview for the job or never hearing back from the company again.  

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner concluded that an individual's attire can give away valuable information about their ambitions and emotions.  Because of this, interviewers will make decisions about your ability to perform a job based on your attire. What should you wear to a job interview?  I have compiled some crucial Dos and Don’ts to make sure you're outfit won't keep you from getting that new job! 

Temporary Staffing: You Get What You Pay For


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Typically, when looking for a temp worker, the first question that our clients ask us is “How much is it going to cost?”  While cost is important, especially in this economy, I know firsthand that it definitely should not be the deciding factor when choosing a staffing service…that is if you want a quality worker!

Before joining JOHNLEONARD, I worked in recruitment for a call center.  My job was to train and supervise groups of temporary employees.  These temporary employees were brought on to work on specific campaigns.  In the end, the HR Manager would always go with the cheapest agency, and within one year, we ended up going through three of the “cheapest” agencies in our area.

Everything You Already Know About Video Interviewing


web cam interview

Ever wonder about video interviewing?  Video interviewing software is less than 10 years old. Since 2008, every laptop made comes with a built-in webcam so video has become much more accessible. Those who use video interviews and like it say it delivers a better candidate experience and gives candidates who are out of town or live out of state the same consideration for a position.

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