Tools That You May Not Realize Can Help With Your Job Search

Posted by Erin Bazinet On Feb 14, 2017 10:56:54 AM

Tools That You May Not Realize Can Help With Your Job Search.pngThere are a number of helpful online tools that you should already be aware of using during your job search, from your LinkedIn profile to various job boards. However, there are additional tools available at your disposal that you may not even realize can assist you with finding a new job. Take a look at the following tools that will prepare you for all phases of your job search process.

An Online Version of Your Resume

Tool #1 SlideShare.png

You never know when you may need to send your resume to a recruiter or hiring manager, and having an online version of your resume can ensure you’ll have one ready to distribute when need be. Try adding your resume to SlideShare, saving it to Google Drive, or using a variety of online tools that can help create your resume. Having your resume readily available online is also an added way for recruiters to find you and see that you are up to date with various online technology.

Your Email Signature

Tool #2 Email Signature.png

Are you using your email signature to its full potential? You may not even realize that your signature can be a handy tool to utilize. It’s a fact that you will be sending a number of emails throughout the job search process, so it’s crucial that you create a signature that will reflect your professionalism and creativity. Your signature can be more than just your name and contact information. Use online tools, such as WiseStamp or this tool created by HubSpot, to develop a signature that includes a profile picture, links to your social media profiles, and more.

LinkedIn Groups

Tool #3 LinkedIn Groups.png

When staying active on LinkedIn, its Groups feature can be one that is sometimes overlooked. LinkedIn Groups are an aspect that job seekers should take advantage of and utilize more. You can join up to 100 groups now, and can find them on a range of topics and industries. Once you join these groups, be sure to be an active participant and start discussions. This way, current members of the group will take notice and you will be able to interact with them even more. Connections you make through these groups will allow you to strike up a conversation and lead to networking possibilities.


Tool #4 Quizlet.png

Quizlet is an online tool that provides study tools for learners of all ages. Once you create an account, you can create study sets with your own material, or search for ones created by other users. This tool can be used when you need to learn more about an employer, when you're taking a graduate class, or when you're trying to obtain a certification or licensure. There are also a number of helpful study sets for interview preparation that you can try to practice questions and learn top answers.

Site Blockers

Tool #5 Site Blocker.png

It’s easy to get distracted on the internet while working on any aspect your job search. Even if you find yourself browsing Facebook or checking Reddit too much, you can find ways to try and keep yourself more focused. There are online tools that will block you from using specific websites so you won’t be able to visit them for a certain period of time. These sites, such as Cold Turkey or a Google Chrome extension such as Blocksite, will allow you to temporarily block sites you choose (like Facebook or another), so you are able to concentrate on your tasks at hand and be more productive.


Tool #6 Google.png

Google may seem like an obvious tool to use during your job search, whether it be for researching an organization or using it to stay up to date on the latest industry related news. However, when was the last time you used Google to search for information about yourself online? There may be a Myspace profile from high school or a photo you are tagged in that you may not realize is still up on the internet. It’s best to take some time to Google yourself and see what information is out there about you and remove whatever is necessary.


Tool #7 Skype.png

As video interviews are becoming more popular, there is a chance you may be asked to have an interview using Skype. It’s a tool that you should practice using and have an account ready to use if need be. In addition to actually having an interview, it’s also a beneficial tool to use to practice answering typical interview questions. Call a friend and have him or her ask you questions and see how you look and sound while answering. This is also great preparation for when you may actually have a Skype or video interview, prior to meeting in person.

You are more than likely aware of some or most of these tools, however it may not occur to you that they can also assist you in your job search. Give these online tools another look and realize their true potential in helping you land a new career opportunity.


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