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Message From Our CEO

describe the imageMarch 2014

The employment market has strengthened considerably over the past six months, and steadily rising components of the Employment Trends Index (ETI) signal solid job growth will continue in the coming months.  The ongoing improvement in the ETI should provide some relief for those concerned about weakness in the U.S. economy and labor market.  A vast majority of U.S. employers expect to increase hiring or keep it stable in Q2 2014, and anticipated staff reductions are among the lowest since the Great Recession.

There’s a reason why the staffing industry has been growing faster than the overall economy: flexibility.  Workers want it, businesses need it, and staffing firms provide it.  John Leonard provides it in two ways…direct-hire staffing and temporary/contract workers.  Most often, direct-hire staff are presently employed and in the strongest demand.  Companies strive to employ those individuals who are utilizing their skills daily and will ultimately ramp up more rapidly as the new member of the team.   However, as the world economy constantly evolves, agility has become essential for a company's success.  In order to keep work flow production moving forward (since the traditional hiring model can take weeks or months to fill a single opening), companies are relying more heavily on temporary and contract employees.  After a trial work time, these employees are ultimately hired by the company.  Respected researchers and economists agree, “Increased reliance on contingent labor…is associated with superior subsequent performance…and no increase in systematic risk,” as concluded in a study published in the journal Decision Sciences

Since 1969, John Leonard has provided “one stop shopping” for our client companies and candidates alike.  Our direct-hire and temporary/contract division staffing consultants work closely together on a daily basis, offering the flexibility that is the keystone to business growth today.  Take a close look at us.  Read, tweet, like, and follow us on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.  Through these social channels, as well as our blog, we are able to engage and inform/educate our candidates and clients on what's new and trending in the recruitment world, as well as offer tips and tricks to both job seekers and employers.

Always rely on us to uphold our fundamental principle…Actions Speak Louder Than Words™.



Linda J. Poldoian