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Rob Harvie: Is the "ROCK STAR" of employment consultants!!!

 “I was having a discussion with a young woman across from me on the commuter boat this morning regarding a job situation. She said that she is looking and has been looking half-heartedly for some time, but she is now going to be more active in her search. I asked her if she had started using any agencies, she said: "I'm thinking of it. I have this great guy that I've worked with before. He’s at John Leonard.  Before she could finish her sentence, I said "Rob Harvie" right? A big smile came across her face and she said "YES, he is incredible to work with".  At the same time another woman, to my right, said "Rob, who?" and I repeated the name and she said: "OMG, he is the nicest person; he got me a job a while back when he was at (Company X); he makes you feel so good about yourself!!!"

So, I had to let you know that we all agreed on that commuter boat that you are the "ROCK STAR" of employment consultants!!! Truly, they and I had nothing but great things to say about you.

 HR Coordinator 


Office Administrator

 We have been extremely pleased with the caliber of service and candidates John Leonard has provided, so pleased that we do not call any other agency. Additionally, the HR Director in our Kansas City office who receives all staffing related bills from all of our offices says that your billing process is so much more streamlined and easy compared to the other services we work with.close-quote

 Office Administrator

Gretel H., Owner

 WOW...Just W-O-W! I must say, every time I have used John Leonard, I have been very impressed with the candidates we've been sent.

The Temporary Representative you sent me was unbelievable! Not only was she detailed and thorough but she truly offered to help in any way she could...AND she had such a great sense of humor and pleasant manner about her! She was punctual and was dressed in professional/business attire. I will definitely ask for her specifically in the future.

Thanks again! You contributed to making this project run smoothly and successfully! We will most certainly use your services again in the future.close-quote

 Gretel H. 

Eva M., Director

  Stacy is a STAR and we absolutely love working with her. Thanks for sending her.close-quote

 Eva M.

Anna T., Senior Project Manager, Conferences & Meetings

 Anna T.
             Senior Project Manager, Conferences & Meetings

Ken W., President

Thank you very much for the effort you and your team put forward during our recent search for an Office Manager. Although we did not select a candidate from you, the quality of the candidates was outstanding and I appreciate the level of screening and feedback provided. Enclosed is a check that will help offset the time put in on our behalf. I realize your search was provided on a contingency basis; however John Leonard has been and will continue to be a valuable partner in our staffing efforts. I look forward to working with you again.

Ken W.

Kimberly L., Managing Director, Operations

The team at John Leonard-including Jennifer Kuchy, Jennifer DeLucia, and Derek McKinley-is professional and helpful, and understands the needs and expectations of my organization. We've used the company's temporary and direct hire services for more than eight years, and thanks to the team there, we have several very valuable staff members.  John Leonard has been a great addition to our recruiting efforts!

Kimberly L.
            Managing Director, Operations

Marion C., Resident

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed working with Mary.  She is not only personable and efficient, but also actually has the ability to think and use common sense.  Thank you for providing us here at Charlesbank with such a wonderful person and worker.
Marion C. 

Renee R., Regional HR Generalist

As always, and especially now, since I am thrilled to have approval to hire Jeri, it is a pleasure to work with you. Never in my professional past have I enjoyed a working relationship as much as with you. You have exceeded my expectations on a continued basis and I just wanted to thank you for being so accommodating. You are truly a pleasure to work with and I don't believe I express that quite enough.

Renee R.
            Regional HR Generalist

Bill F., Director Professional & Institutional Services

It has been a pleasure having Susan working with us at the Operational Services Division for the last 7 months. She has been very professional, alert, creative and taking the initiative with every project. She always reported in on a timely basis and gave 100% of effort each day she was in the office. If she is available in the future I would personally request her to work at OSD.

Bill F.
            Director Professional & Institutional Services

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