Skill Classifications

Skill Classifications for which John Leonard can develop a Diversity Recruitment Initiative

Commitment to Diversity

benchmarkingJohn Leonard has a client centric approach to providing the best possible human capital in response to the temporary and direct hire staffing needs of our client companies. In an ever more competitive business environment we understand that our clients face increasing challenges in achieving their corporate goals. We recognize that, in order to provide our clients with an important competitive advantage, John Leonard has to lead the way forward in optimizing access to the best talent available. To this end we have;

I.  Built an effective framework specifically geared towards identifying a broadly diverse candidate pool.

II.  Developed a program whereby we work closely with our clients to assist in the formulation of their own company-specific Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan.

John Leonard can help provide the framework establishing a workable action plan for your organization to achieve the goal of becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization.

Learn how John Leonard can help DIVERSIFY YOUR ORGANIZATION!  

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