Outplacement Services

Every business goes through cycles, either requiring rapid growth and expansion or requiring downsizing and consolidating. With restructuring or consolidating comes the unpleasant task of laying off employees. John Leonard can help you present a positive plan for your employees.

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We can help your outplaced employees in many ways, including:

  • What every job searcher must know before starting a job search.
  • Résumé preparation assistance.
  • Career assessment and evaluation of transferable skills.
  • Computer skills verification.
  • Computer skills tutorials.
  • Thorough interview preparation.
  • Initial contact and interviews with hiring companies.
  • Follow-through to successful placement.
  • Temporary employment and earnings while searching for a direct hire position.

Contact Us to learn more about John Leonard's outplacement services and how we can help your employees through a difficult transition.

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