Candidate Testimonials

Boston Employment

I'm writing to thank you for the referral check I just got in the mail today for sending my brother, Jenkin, to you. I hope he's worked out well and made me proud. It was such a surprise to hear I'd be getting this bonus in the mail after such a long time, and thanks so much for it.

Also, for the past several years I've mentioned your name here and there, because without John Leonard, and you specifically, I wouldn't be where I am today. You placed my good friend Liz as a temp receptionist, and through that placement, I ended up meeting my fiancée Emily. Regardless of all the factors involved, had you not offered Liz that position, I almost certainly would have never crossed paths with the wonderful woman I'm set to marry this fall. So, above all else, I owe you a thank you for helping the stars align for me.

I hope all is well, and thank you for the referral bonus and future

-Monty C.


Thoughtful people just like you have "contributed" to the majority of our candidates over the years. Refer a friend today!

For every person you refer and we are successful in helping, we'll say "Thank You" with a special bonus. There is no limit to the value of giving!

  • $50 each for your first and second referrals
  • $100 each for your third and fourth referrals
  • $150 each for your fifth (or more) referrals!

Ask your direct hire or temporary consultant for details!