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Submit Your Hours - Temporary Staff Representatives

 ** IMPORTANT NOTICE: Deadline to submit hours is Monday at 11:00am**

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1) Use Interet Explorer or Firefox

2) Configure Internet Explorer using the URL on the log-in page

3) Clear your cache and cookies - delete your browsing history (it's ok to uncheck "preserve favorites website data")

4) Completely close your browser

5) Go to www.johnleonard.com (do NOT use any prior links), click Job Seekers tab, then click Submit Hours

6) If you experience compatibility issues using IE10: To the right of your URL display there is an icon that looks like a sheet of paper ripped in half - scrolling over it will reveal "Compatibility View." Click on this and you should then be able to complete the process. 

 Please direct all payroll questions to dmills@johnleonard.com