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By listening carefully to your staffing needs, JOHNLEONARD creates client specific solutions incorporating a superior suite of services to meet even your most complex challenges.

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 Our commitment to service excellence is at the very foundation of our relationships with employers and candidates alike, allowing JOHNLEONARD to deliver exceptional results.

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Connecting talent with opportunity is more than a catch phrase, it's what we do.  Let JOHNLEONARD connect you with the right job within our vast network of clients. 

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JOHNLEONARD works hard to ensure that we have the most talented and versatile team possible. We pride ourselves on providing top talent in the employment industry by offering over fifty years of experience and knowledge in the staffing industry.

Awards and Recognitions  (2)     

  • “Your interview preparation package is hands-down the most valuable, concise and relevant information I have encountered during my career research. You have gone above and beyond to help me secure the job offer." - Dawne B.

  • "For me, the team at JOHNLEONARD is far more than my trusted partners and advisors, they are family. They demonstrate a level of intellect, professionalism, insight, honesty, and humility that is second to none in the industry. So much so, that I’ve looked to them as my go-to business partner for countless project-based, temporary, and full time needs over the past 10 years. The candidates they present are always well-vetted, best-in-class, and prepared. The team at JOHNLEONARD has always taken the time to thoroughly listen to the complex needs of my organization and provide well thought out solutions and advice; NOT just an influx of resumes and candidate profiles hoping one will stick. Which, sadly, seems to be the standard of so many of their competitors..." - Ed D., Director

  • "Thank you very much for the effort you put forward during our recent search. Although we did not select a candidate from you, the quality of the candidates was outstanding. Enclosed is a check that will help offset the time put in on our behalf. I look forward to working with you again." - Ken W., President

  • “JOHNLEONARD has been my primary recruitment resource both in my own career and in my professional role. As a client, JOHNLEONARD listened to my preferences and presented roles that fit my interest and skill set. During the interview process, I was given guidance and feedback that ultimately helped me land my current role.” - Jennifer H., Human Resources Manager

  • “I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work with John Leonard's team at the conference last week! I looked up at one point from our Registration desks and felt a wave of pride to be working for an organization that employs and values such a diverse group of people from all walks of life with varying talents, skills, life paths, and backgrounds. Everyone in our group brought positive energy to the event and seemed to derive a renewed sense of self-worth from being employed in the capacity of helping others. Aretha, John, and Sam all set positive examples and encouraging tones for our group during what I can only imagine was a long week. Thanks very much to all of you for your fortitude and support, for all of your unseen work behind the scenes, and again for giving each of us the chance to contribute.” - Molly N., Event Staff Member

  • "Reliability and trust are two characteristics that are vital when searching for personnel whether it be temporary or direct-hire placement. For over 20 years, JOHNLEONARD has been my go-to agency. The key to our long-lasting relationship is, I have complete confidence that they know me and the firm whenever they recommend a candidate." -Keith B., Executive Director

  • "I couldn't have gotten here without JOHNLEONARD taking a chance on me. I'm truly grateful for all the help and support your agency has given me over the past year, and it's not something I will forget." - Anthony A.

  • "I just want to take a minute to say thank you for the wonderful ‘temps’ we have here at this site. Sonia and Mike are the best workers and truly members of our team as we serve hundreds and hundreds each week...Needless to say, we could not have done this work without them – we have thrown some curves their way with moving our pantry outdoors, three heatwaves, teenagers who were volunteering with us and needed to be supervised by all of us and the reason why we are doing this work…helping thousands of families and individuals who come to us for food...I understood what it meant to come into a work site not knowing anyone and be expected to jump right in. (Y)our temps absolutely did that and haven’t looked back to that day!" - Beth C., Director

  • “Rob Harvie and his team at JOHNLEONARD are fantastic! Rob understands what I look for in candidates and sends just the right folks my way. He hears what I say, is responsive, and follows up so I am not left wondering what's happening. I highly recommend Rob and his team. They make my searches that much easier!” - Maria W., Director of HR

  • "Your employees are such amazing people and ran our registration area with efficiency, warmth, and such contagious joy. They had everything down to such an effortless system, and I rarely had to assist them with any questions. A lot of our conference attendants came up to me throughout the week to tell me how great they are and there were even some of our registrants who pulled up a chair next to their tables, just to talk with them when things slowed down. My time in Boston was so memorable, and a big part of that was getting to work alongside your employees." - Rob T., Administrative Coordinator

  • "I don’t have anything negative to say! You guys have managed to meet the expectations day in and day out. Some of the roles have been challenging and you guys have always kept me posted with an update. I appreciate each and every one of you in these challenging times. You guys ROCK!!!" - Melissa R., Talent Specialist

  • "Jennifer, I can’t tell you how much it means that you and your team at JOHNLEONARD always send us excellent staff. You know we don’t do a lot of temp business at all, and rarely if ever hire through an agency, so it says a lot about you and JL that you’ve consistently sent us really top support and talent." - Rob M., Director of Human Resources

  • "WOW...Just W-O-W! The Temporary Representative you sent me was unbelievable! Not only was she detailed and thorough but she truly offered to help in any way she could...AND she had such a great sense of humor and pleasant manner about her! She was punctual and was dressed in professional/business attire. We will most certainly use your services again in the future." - Gretel H., Business Owner

  • "I would like to thank you all for your acknowledgment of my service, by choosing me as the Temporary Representative of the month. I definitely have to give JOHNLEONARD the credit for giving me this opportunity to work for such an awesome group of people, and an incredible company. I really appreciate your words of encouragement, inspiration, insight and compliments. It means so much! You can count on me to refer your agency to my friends, family and colleagues." - Vesta S.

  • "We have been extremely pleased with the caliber of service and candidates JOHNLEONARD has provided, so pleased that we do not call any other agency. Additionally, the HR Director says that your billing process is so much more streamlined and easy compared to the other services we have worked with." - Lois D., Office Administrator

  • "I always remember with fondness my time with JOHNLEONARD, as you helped me with my career when I first arrived in Boston and I will always be grateful for that. I could always refer JOHNLEONARD to any of my students if they happen to move to Boston after college like I did, especially if they are looking for work. I had a wonderful experience." - Erika M.

  • "I just wanted to reach out to say to you both to say again thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for you. Thank you for never giving up on me and helping me through the last year! I couldn't be happier at my new position!" - Melissa A.

  • "I earned another promotion. I want to thank you and the whole team. If it weren’t for JOHNLEONARD calling me that morning to fill in for the Receptionist, who knows where I’d be now...Again, can’t thank you enough Jennifer for all that you’ve done for me over the years and for always having my back." - Ajay M.

  • "Working with JL is always such a great experience for us! Melissa and I truly appreciate how quickly you are able to find candidates for us and that you are accommodating with our constant changes and all of our positions/locations. We have worked with other agencies in the past and the experience with you has been exponentially better than anyone else we have worked with. I will also say that the quality of candidates, especially lately, has been exceptional!" - Cassie K., Human Resources Manager

  • "I just want to say a big thank you for all the support and help you’ve given me over the last six months, it’s been a privilege to work for JOHNLEONARD and have a great supporting staff. I am very excited and I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for you all. I turned to JOHNLEONARD when I was at a career cross paths and I didn’t know what to do. I needed a direction and you brought me back to a career that I had already previously been in but walked away from and it just feels like this was meant to be and again I just want to thank JOHNLEONARD for support and direction." - Nick P.

  • "The team at JOHNLEONARD is professional and helpful, and understands the needs and expectations of my organization. We've used the company's temporary and direct hire services for more than eight years, and thanks to the team there, we have several very valuable staff members. JOHNLEONARD has been a great addition to our recruiting efforts!" - Kimberly L., Managing Director