10 Spooky Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Social Media

Posted by Erin Bazinet On Oct 28, 2015 11:04:36 AM


Whether you are an experienced professional or a new job seeker, you know by now that social media plays a crucial role in your job search. According to a recent study by Jobvite, 92% of recruiters are using social media to find high-quality candidates.  Think of your current social profiles.  Would a recruiter not only be able to find you, but also get a sense of your background and expertise?   With Halloween just around the corner, be sure to avoid these spooky mistakes job seekers make while using social media.

1. Not filling out all aspects of your profile

Once you have your social profiles made, you need to make sure to fill them out completely to give you a better chance of being found by a recruiter.  Complete each section the specific social network gives you to include your information.  Also, it’s important to add links to your other social media profiles so you can make connections across all your networks.

2. Not following other people

One of the biggest mistakes a job seeker can make on social media is assuming recruiters and hiring managers will just start following them or connecting with them. If you’ve just created your profiles (or even if you’ve had yours for years), you need to be active in making connections.

3. Making social profiles and then not using them

Now that your profiles have been created and filled out, you need to start using them to their full advantage.  You need to post industry related content or updates and participate in group discussions.  By doing this you are establishing your personal brand and highlighting even more expertise, which is what recruiters want to see.

4. Not building relationships

After you establish connections, it’s crucial to start building relationships with them.  Send a recruiter a message, comment on one of their posts, or share their content.  This will show the recruiter you are taking an interest in them and that you are committed to your job search.  The relationships you create and maintain through social media will keep your network strong, even if you aren’t looking for a job at the moment.

5. Asking a recruiter to find a job for you

When conducting a job search, it’s important to show a recruiter or hiring manager that you’ve done your research either on a job or a company.  Once you make these connections, don’t just send a message to a recruiter to have them look at your profile and find a list of jobs you’re qualified for.  Show you took the time to do the research and find jobs you are interested in from their career site.  The recruiter will not only get a better gauge into what jobs you are interested in, but will probably know additional jobs you are qualified for as well.

6. Posting inappropriate content

The social media accounts you are using for your job search should be professional accounts.  It’s okay to post some personal content, such as interests or hobbies, but the majority of your content should be career and industry focused.  It’s a better idea to create personal or private accounts and keep them separate from your job search.  Just remember that what you share online publicly (and sometimes privately) can probably be seen by recruiters.

7. Bashing future or former employers

As frustrating as it is to not land the job or get let go from an employer, you need to keep this anger off of your social media accounts.  Recruiters and hiring managers don’t want to see this type of attitude when they are searching for potential fits for their company.

8. Not keeping up to date on current trends

Social media is constantly changing and updating, so it’s necessary to stay up to date on the current trends.  How can you make an impact in your job search if you aren’t sure which social networks to be on, what things to post, or the best tools to use?  Subscribe to blogs, follow influencers, and read articles to not only learn what the latest trends are, but also for tips on how to best utilize social media for your search.

9. Using a bad profile picture

As a career professional, it’s important to maintain that image on social media as well.  Make sure your profile picture on any social account is professional and clear.  It should not contain any other people, highlight your face, and be one where you are smiling.  The same photo should also be used across all of your professional social profiles to not cause any confusion to someone trying to connect with you.

10. Not having any social profiles

Lastly, all of these tips will prove to be useless if you don’t have any social media presence.  Whether you are still in college or a senior manager, it’s essential to have social profiles created and maintained.

As another Halloween comes and goes, be sure to take a look at your current job search to see how your social profiles can assist in the process of getting hired.  You want to make sure to establish your brand and show your expertise, this way you won’t be scaring off any recruiters.

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