2018 Skills Gap (Infographic)

Posted by JOHNLEONARD On Jul 19, 2018 10:39:12 AM

Talent Shortage (Infographic)With the unemployment rate at an all-time low and an influx of jobs, the global talent shortage only continues to increase. 42% of employers are deeply concerned that they can’t find the talent they need to fill their open positions. The factors that contribute to the skills gap are multifaceted. Both employers and recruiters feel qualified candidates are lacking numerous skills. As technology progresses, job candidates need to keep up with the latest advancements in order to perform expected tasks.

This current turn of events sparks many questions. What jobs are being effected? What size businesses are being effected? How do employers direct top talent to their organization? Take a look at our infographic that answers all of these questions and more!

Talent Shortage part 1 (infographic)

Talent Shortage part 2 (infographic)

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