4 Ways to Stay Motivated & Achieve Ultimate Success

Posted by Robert Harvie On Oct 2, 2014 7:56:00 AM
4 Ways to Stay Motivated & Achieve Ultimate Success
There are many great articles and blogs out there that focus on how to stay motivated. These motivational pumping stories are certainly beneficial, but I'd like to take it to another level and discuss what most successful professionals "don't do" that keep them focused both at work and in life.Sometimes not doing something is just as important as being proactive.
Studies have shown that happy people are well, happier.   By following a few simple rules you will be an all-around happier and successful individual and create a more successful work-life balance.

Take charge

The game changers in business take charge of their own careers.  They definitely do not sit back and play the "reactive card", as they are far more proactive than the rest of the pack.    They have an uncanny knack for self-motivation and they are their own worst critic.    They don't wait for others to push them along.    They find out what drives them to succeed and they harness that on a daily basis for ultimate success. 

These individuals thrive in the most competitive situations and have that fire to win and are the ultimate leaders on their teams.   They are the true owners of their career and having that "ownership" mentality puts them ahead of most within their fields.   They know their faults and where they need to progress....and they find a way to do this. 

Don't jump ship for the wrong reasons

Many people leave their jobs at the drop of a dime and always figure that the grass is greener on the other side.  But the most motivated take a calculated effort to enhance their current roles, talk to managers and find ways to sculpt their positions to allow them to be more successful.   This will allow you to grow in your current position versus making a risky move! 

Society today tends to focus on change and change being good for career development.   If you are someone that truly likes the people you work with and are passionate about what you do, why would you leave without seeing if there's ways in which you can enhance that role?  Too often I see resumes of individuals that move just to make a move.   They do not see the big picture in their current role and they do not trust that they can have an honest and up front conversation with their supervisor.  If you are unhappy, that's one thing, but really think about this; the ultimate leaders within most companies don't chase the buck, they evolve naturally within their current roles by pushing the goals of the organization forward.

Focus on the team

The most motivated of all don't focus on self gain!  They focus on the team and more so, their families or a cause outside of work.   Having something or someone outside of work that you're accountable for, will motivate and drive you to be focused on the task at hand.   Push yourself for the right reasons and not for one's self gain.   If self-gain is your priority, it will catch up from a career standpoint. 

Doing things the right way will allow you to be happier in life.  Having that outside cause will allow you to really put an emphasis on focus.  Accountability is a big driver in one's success and the best of the best hold themselves accountable more than most.

Avoid negativity

Don't latch on to negative people and whiners.    All offices have those types, but the most successful stay clear of the drama and negativity which will bring them down.    Harnessing your efforts with similar "successful" people will allow you to work collaboratively which leads to wanting to come to work with energy and focus knowing others are right with you.  The "whiners" tend to be individuals that are settled in their ways, do not want to evolve and are not looking to go that extra mile and take the extra efforts to succeed.   They see a challenge and a wall and they complain.  The leaders do not see it that way, but look at ways to overcome that challenge.   Focus on the positive, surround yourself with good people and your career will flourish.


Stay motivated, focus your attention on what not to do as much as on what to do; you will have a long and successful career.

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