5 Workplace Trends that Have Taken Shape in 2018

Posted by Robert Harvie On May 24, 2018 10:07:38 AM

2018 Workplace TrendsAs the workplace continues to evolve, the following trends have taken shape and will be a priority in the ever-changing, competitive hiring market. Organizations that advance and start to implement these trends will reap the benefits and continue to attract the best talent this year and beyond.

1) Larger focus on human interaction

Organizations are continuing to take the necessary steps toward ensuring their workplaces are set up in a way to ensure positive, face-to-face interactions. The goal is for organizations to promote healthier employee relationships, idea sharing, and more overall collaboration. These human interactions are important to further develop relations with coworkers, which has proven to be a top motivator of employee engagement. In-person collaboration can lead to more positive outcomes and employers have keyed in on this moving forward. Even as technology makes us more efficient, it will never replace those personal interactions.

2) The candidate experience is still a huge factor

How organizations handle their overall hiring practices from start to finish will certainly factor into the number of talented candidates they will in fact see. Negative experiences, such as minimal job descriptions and getting no notice when jobs have been filled, play a big factor in employer branding and the ability to attract the best talent. The hiring process is an extension of company culture and correlates directly to whether a candidate decides to apply and take a position with a certain organization or not. Having a smooth initial hiring process and consistently communicating with candidates is crucial in the competitive recruiting world today. All organizations have to make sure they are improving the candidate experience and if not, they will lose out on talent.

3) Employee wellness is a priority

It’s not a surprise to know that workers can be stressed, overworked, and even burned out. This can clearly take a toll not only on their productivity, but also on their overall satisfaction in their job. These factors can lead to a number of issues, including increased sickness and other major health issues. That said, many organizations are beginning to help employees in their stressed areas, such as offering gym memberships or providing a variety of wellness health programs. Taking days off to simply rest or have a day to yourself has become a more common benefit that organizations are starting to offer to limit these rates of stress and unhappiness. Allowing employees access to these days, as well as general PTO, will become the norm in years to come.

4) A need for setting boundaries

While the 40-hour work week is typically common among workers, research has recently shown that working more than this amount of time doesn’t lead to better outcomes. When work starts to cross over into personal time it really starts to become counter-productive. Managers and employers are now putting a focus on setting boundaries between work and personal time, so that it will be in tune with work-life balance. Setting limits on emails and “shutting off” at night are just a few of the ways that will allow you to be more productive at work and happier at home. The workplace is seeing more and more of this with bosses also leading by example first.

5) Hiring employees is based on a culture fit

Organizations have started looking for and hiring employees based more on an overall culture fit. The mindset is that skills can be trained, but soft skills can’t. As organizations evolve, the goal is to attract individuals that can come in with the ability to fit into its established culture, be a team-player, and want to be trained and developed. Employers can’t afford to hire those with bad attitudes as the priority is a positive work place environment. Organizations want to bring on employees, as well as keep them for longer periods, so finding these fits are important.

2018 Workplace Trends ListAs employers continue to take a more proactive approach in engaging and motivating their employees, these trends will continue to take shape throughout the course of this year and the ones to come.


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