9 Helpful Tools to Simplify Your Online To-Do List

Posted by Jalisa DelosSantos On May 10, 2017 11:57:04 AM

9 Helpful Tools to Simplify Your Online To-Do List-1.pngAs more activity shifts online, it is sometimes difficult to manage all the things you need to complete in a day. You need to do things each day like respond to emails, remain engaged on social media, and overall stay focused on assignments and tasks at hand. If you feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to complete, here are nine helpful tools to streamline your activities and simplify your online to-do list.

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There sometimes feels like there is no end to all of the emails we need to reply to and send in a given day. A 2016 online survey found that US workers spend more than six hours a day checking emails. Boomerang for Gmail is a tool that can help you take better control of your inbox. You can utilize this tool to schedule emails to send at a later time, set email reminders about messages that are most important, and more.


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Many emails we receive often do not require immediate responses, and sometimes we forget those emails exist. Remind yourself to follow up with important contacts at the right time with the tool, FollowUpThen. You can set reminder emails at designated times to ensure you don’t forget about emails that don’t need instant attention. For example, if you want to revisit an email in one week, you forward or send an email to


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Inboxes are never-ending lists of emails organized solely by time, so it can be difficult to distinguish what messages are most important. With Sortd, you can create distinct lists to guarantee the most important emails don’t get lost and separate promotional messages and notifications into other lists.

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News outlets, magazines, and blogs publish thousands of articles and videos every day. Instead of visiting each site individually to read about current events and trends, Feedly compiles the sources and topics you choose to follow in one list. To further organize the content, you can separate the news sources into Feeds, which ensures each section contains related content.


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According to a GlobalWebIndex survey, an individual, on average, owns more than five social media accounts. Sharing content and updates on individual social sites is often time consuming, so platforms like Buffer help you organize it all in one place. Buffer allows you to connect up to six social media profiles on the site and post content to your accounts faster and easier. Additionally, you can automatically publish your content to your accounts by setting scheduled times.


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Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important, both professionally and personally, as we use it to increase engagement with customers and to market a personal brand. MeetEdgar saves your most popular social media updates and then schedules this content to republish on your accounts. This application helps you save time and increase traffic using your existing content, without having to expend additional effort.

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IFTTT is a tool that assists your daily tasks in a variety of ways. The application enables you to connect applications and devices by setting conditions that trigger the services to act together. If you want to see tomorrow’s weather on your calendar the night before, you could turn on the “applet” to give you that notification. This not only increases connectivity among your apps and devices, but it also automates redundant tasks that you need to complete each day.

Cold Turkey

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The internet is filled with distractions like Netflix, Facebook, and other social media sites, making it much easier to lose track of time. Cold Turkey may be the solution for days where you can’t seem to focus on assignments or tasks at hand. The downloadable application blocks certain sites for designated time periods you set, to make sure you stay focused and finish your tasks sooner.


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Nozbe is a tool that helps you organize the tasks you need to complete and keep track of each day. You can manage individual to-do lists, as well as collaborate on group projects or assignments for work. Nozbe also assists you in boosting productivity and managing your time more efficiently.

No matter how hectic your schedule becomes, these tools will help streamline what you need to accomplish online each day, as well as make it quicker and simpler to get things done.


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