What Kind Of Manager Are You?

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What Kind of Manager Are You_Managers are crucial to any organization regardless of industry or company size. Their role is to supervise, lead and motivate a team. They set standards and give direction. It is their job to administer human and financial resources in such a way to meet objectives and achieve success for the larger organization they represent.

While all managers share the same primary objective, there are many different approaches and management styles that work in achieving success.

The Coach

The coach is a manager who leads with motivational tactics. They act as a mentor to their team members and work to pull out each individual's strengths. They constructively criticize, but focus on the positive.

Why this style works: This strategy works because each member of the team receives tailored instruction and feedback that is specific to their skill set and personality type.

Why it does not: The downfall of "The Coach" style is time. While paying specific attention to each employee's needs, the timeliness of decision making may be lost.

The Hands-On Manager

The hands-on manager leads by example and jumps right in the trenches with their team. They show their team that they are willing to take part in the nitty-gritty day-to-day tasks.

Why this style works: The hands-on approach works because it displays camaraderie and shows the team that the manager knows what the team's job entails and is willing to be involved.

Why it does not: The downfall of the "hands-on manager" is that when working alongside the team, sense of authority may be lost.

The Entrepreneurial Leader

The entrepreneurial leader is a risk taker who applies their entrepreneurial values to management in order to execute a distinct vision. This manager uses their emotions and high energy level to inspire and motivate his team.

Why this Style works: The management style of an entrepreneur works because there is a set vision, whether it be out-of-the-box or a bit progressive, the team gets on-board because of the inspiration behind it.

Why is does not: The entrepreneurial style of leadership may not always work if the vision is too abstract to engage the entire team or if the leader is out of touch with the team altogether.

The Authoritative Manager

This manager leads by maintaining a sense of authority and an air of superiority. They have a clear set of boundaries between them self and their team. They command obedience and devotion to duties, and are very task orientated.

Why this style works: This style works because the manager maintains authority and respect by creating a hierarchy. Everyone knows who's boss and follows his or her instructions implicitly.

Why it does not: This approach can backfire if employees developed resentment or the "us vs. them" mentality. To be a successful authoritative manager, you must make sure to also relate to the team.

The Democratic Manager

The democratic manager allows their team members to make their own decisions by way of discussion or vote. This manager creates their own strategy through majority opinion.

Why this work: This works because the manager is giving the power to the people, the ones who see the day-to-day operations and truly know what works and what does not. With this style, there is no "bad guy" when it comes to decision making.

Why it does not: This management style can backfire if employees do not agree and begin arguing amongst themselves. It also can be more time consuming.

Which management style are you? Which management style do you work best with? 

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By Jill Gaynor

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