Job Search: Using LinkedIn to Score Your Next Job

Posted by Jill Gaynor On Jan 26, 2011 3:24:00 PM


Job Search_ Using LinkedIn To Score Your Next Job

LinkedIn the largest professional networking site on the web and quickly becoming the number one place to turn for career development. With all of their latest statistics in place, LinkedIn is impossible to ignore and an essential tool in the your job search. Here’s the JOHNLEONARD plan to scoring your next position via the social network of LinkedIn:

Create a complete profile

Your profile should read as a resume.  The first step is to write a thorough professional summary and add it to the “Summary” section. Next make a list of your specialties and fill them in keeping in mind that recruiters search on keywords. Your “Specialties” section should include software programs that you have used, professional strengths and job duties. Here’s a sample from my profile:

C  Users jgaynor Pictures Specialties

Once your Summary and Specialties are complete, upload your resume. This will populate your “Experience” section.

Not only will this give your profile the resume feel that you are looking for, it will help recruiters find YOU.

2. Follow and Research Your Target Companies

More than one million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages including all Fortune 500 companies.

Company pages are a quick and easy way to learn about companies and their demographics. Use these pages to do research and target companies that you believe would be a good match for you. Once you have your targeted companies picked out, click the “Follow” button in the top right hand corner. This will alert you when the company posts new positions and when there are internal changes within the company.

3. Join Groups and Apply to Jobs

The final step to scoring your next job through LinkedIn is to join groups and begin applying for jobs. LinkedIn groups are a great way to network and join in on the conversation. It is also a FREE place for recruiters to post jobs and a great way for you to APPLY for jobs directly.

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups. Begin by searching for groups within your geographical region and related to your industry. Here are a few examples of Boston networking groups:

On the top of each group page, you will see a tab for “Jobs.” Check you groups for new postings regularly and follow the instructions within each posting for submitting your candidacy. Recruiters will be responding in no time.


Today, the entire JOHNLEONARD team is a member of LinkedIn. We list all of our current openings directly on our profiles and post frequent status updates regarding new opportunities. 

We invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn,, and subscribe to receive JOHNLEONARD blogs.

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