Learn how to Attract the Right Candidates

Posted by Ashley Ryall On Aug 11, 2011 2:21:00 PM

Learn How to Attract the Right Candidates

What job descriptions will work –ones that contain “future” focused content.

Author of Writing Future-Focused Job Descriptions Kris Kelso describes those traditional job descriptions as having two key elements: the responsibilities of the position and the experience required (a present—past structure). “But the best candidates are not looking to repeat past accomplishments – they are looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow and advance (the future).” So, a combination of past, present, and future (think of Scrooge’s three Christmas ghosts) information will allow readers to see the entire picture and better envision themselves working in your company.

Who will work –job seekers who will deliver results, not just follow a checklist.

Traditional job descriptions focus on what you do,” says Susan Mazza, CEO of Clarus Consulting Group LLC. Today, to attract the right candidates, you must tailor your descriptions to the results you want delivered and the relationships you want your employees to define.  “There is no room for the “check the box” mentality in the organizations of the future,” she says.

Where job descriptions will work –not only on job boards, but also on social networking sites.

Many times job seekers feel miss-led by the gaps in complete information provided about the company itself and the job description, so they are seeking other online venues for the information about the company they are not receiving from job boards, like internal structures and employee testimonies and relationships. That’s where the social media piece comes in. Social media has taken over as the best way a candidate can find or be considered for a potential position,” says Temporary Division Staffing Consultant, Lindsay Peoples. Human Resources thought leader Dr. John Sullivan provides the stats for us. "Studies now show that about 20% of candidates find their opportunities via social networking, nearly 30% via employee referral, 25% via job boards, and another 10% via direct sourcing.“

 When posting jobs will work—during off-hours and frequently.

Why and how they will work

John Leonard Direct-Hire Division Staffing Consultant, Chris Wallingford  agrees, “A good job description is one that gives the candidate the confidence that they can do the job while developing an interest in and exciting them about both the immediate and long term prospects of the job and the company.”

Think about it this way

“We can no longer define our “job” purely in terms of what we do. We must consider what we do in relation to others and in service of the ultimate goals of our enterprise,” says Susan Mazza, Writing a job description with this mentality is the way to get candidates enthusiastic about long-term growth opportunities within your company, which in-turn, benefits you as the hiring manager.

Are you currently hiring? Some advice in writing job descriptions to target the right candidates

Focus on career advancement within the company, what training or additional skills new employees can learn by working at your particular organization, and what company goals or challenges will bright candidates be interested in achieving or resolving? Put yourself in their shoes, what will attract the best talent available to your organization?  It’s not just a competitive salary and good benefits anymore. Evidence shows that job seekers are looking beyond these two points and are just as, if not more, attracted to the opportunity.


This video’s audience is mainly recruiters; however, the key takeaway applies to hiring managers—think like a job seeker.

Hiring Managers, what do you do to ensure your job descriptions/postings attract the right candidates?

Job Seekers, what makes you apply to one posting and not another?

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