Still Cannot Find a Job? Be Sure To...

Posted by Ashley Ryall On Oct 27, 2011 3:06:00 PM
Still Cannot Find a Job_ Be Sure To... Still Cannot Find a Job? Be Sure To...
  • Know what makes you get up in the morning...and I do not mean fruit-topped pancakes.

-  Identify what you are passionate about and tailor your job hunt according to what industries and professional roles fall under this umbrella.

  • Search job descriptions that are attractive to you and pinpoint roles in which you can grow.

-  Identify the keywords that stand out in these job details and incorporate them into your resume. Many employers conduct searches on keywords when looking for someone with certain skills, so make your online resume searchable.

  • Be selective but open. Apply to jobs that are right for you.

-  It is not about quantity anymore. Applying to more jobs does not necessarily increase your chances of landing one. Do not waste your time or an employer’s time on applying to jobs that do not pique your interest. Be choosy so you can find a job you really want and one in which you can excel.

  • Identify and investigate companies that are a fit.

-  “Identify employers that you are interested in and market yourself around what will resonate with them. “If you do not know who your target audience is and you try to cover too many bases, your resume and other career documents will not hit home with anyone.”

  • Utilize social media.

-  In addition to uploading your resume on different job boards, completing a LinkedIn profile drastically increases your chances of getting “found” by hiring professionals. Also, consider Facebook’s Branch Out, and utilize online resources that will allow you to innovatively demonstrate your background and expertise.    

  • Search and invite industry leaders to connect with you on LinkedIn. 

-  If you are searching for a job in finance, identify finance professionals on LinkedIn and connect with them. Learn from what they are posting and ask for job search tips.

  • Stay current and engage. 

-  Stay up-to-date with your industry news so you can speak intelligently about these topics at networking events and interviews. Demonstrate that you speak the language.

  • Take some risks.

-  Want to stand out to employers? You must be creative and think out of the box.  Push yourself to design a webpage, start a blog, or create a video pitching who you are and what you want. There are several great, free resources out there! You would be surprised how many “digital” resumes have led to job interviews. Here is a great example:


  • Know what you are best at and be able to articulate it.

-  “Become crystal clear on your three or four best traits.” If the CEO of your ideal company walked into your elevator one morning, what would you say to him or her in that 20 second elevator ride?  

  • Refrain from asking for a job; instead, ask for a reference.

-  Identify who will be a reference for you in the beginning of your job search. Ask if there is someone he or she can introduce you to or for suggestions with whom to connect.

  • Check in with your recruiter on a weekly basis, by phone or in person.

-  Make sure you are on their radar screen for when new job openings surface.

  • Get walking.

-  Anyone can send an email.  Deliver your resume in person to make the meeting personal. Trust me, from an employer’s perspective, we recognize your efforts to make a lasting impression and are likely to remember you.


-  Keep your skills fresh and show that you have current industry experience by volunteering or enrolling as temporary staff.  It is likely that you could be considered for a long-term position down the road. In fact, one of our temporary staff representatives was recently promoted to a direct-hire position after excelling on assignment at one of Boston’s leading medical schools. According to John Leonard Temporary Division Manager Jennifer DeLucia, approximately five John Leonard employees per week transition into a direct-hire role from their outstanding performances on temporary assignments with our clients.

Remember that you are the CEO of your own company.  Define your brand and market yourself.

Tell us about your experiences looking for a job…What other helpful hints have made you successful in finding a new opportunity?

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