“What Makes Your Ideal Recruiter?” You Answered…

Posted by Ashley Ryall On Jan 25, 2012 3:01:00 PM
_What Makes Your Ideal Recruiter__ You Answered...

In the last week, we polled our friends, family, connections and job seekers to answer this question. Some have previously worked with recruiters, others have not. All had their own individual ideas about they want in a Recruiter…here is a summary of their responses:

Give my candidacy some thought.

A good friend who currently works as a Data Analyst for  a supply chain solutions company affirms that if he were looking for a new opportunity, he would “like a recruiter to take what I have said into account, give it some thought and invite me back or call me with jobs that s/he knows will interest me. Also, I have found the recruiters who impressed me the most were the ones that didn’t give me false hope, kept me in the loop and found time to chat—which helped ease my job search concerns.”

Take the time to consider the entire package I bring to the table and pitch me creatively to your hiring managers

I want you to understand not just where I have been, but where I am headed. What if I am undergoing a career transition? “Please do not try to lead me to consider or say “yes” to a position when my interests lie in a different field.”

Make sure both parties win.

Another friend of mine who lives in Vermont working as a Product Engineer says “The best recruiter will work with a large number of companies to find me the best salary and a good mutual fit for me and the hiring company.”

Listen—do not assume that each candidate has the same set of job requirements.

One person’s high paying salary requirement is another person’s ideal location. “It’s always reassuring to know that my recruiter has my best interests at heart,” says one job seeker.

Use Skype.

It can be difficult to rearrange schedules during the day especially if we are currently working. One candidate we spoke to says “Skype is a tool a large percentage of us are familiar with, and it acts almost the same as an in person interview.  Recruiters who work with clients to facilitate on-line interviews have an advantage.”

Confirm that your Yelp reviews are positive.

"Job seekers want confirmation that they are putting their future in good hands…remember we are looking on Yelp before we call your office to see what others think of you”, says a tech savvy  candidate living in the Boston area.

Reconnect with me more than once.

“One of the things that impressed me about my John Leonard Staffing Consultant was that he returned my emails and voicemails. We want to be more than just a number and stay on your radar.”


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