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Posted by Ashley Ryall On May 16, 2011 11:31:00 AM

LHH 5K July 30 2011 walking 2

On May 30th, the American Heart Association will be kicking off its 5th annual Lawyers Have Heart 5K road Race here in Boston, in the Seaport District, 7 p.m. sharp. This event will act as a “call to action” for the Greater Boston legal community to help in the fight against heart disease and stroke by raising awareness and raising donations.

(JOHNLEONARD getting pumped up for last year's race)

This year, JOHNLEONARD is engaging the larger community, which includes …YOU…before race day, by starting the conversation about heart health today, exactly two weeks prior to the race.

Log on to Twitter when you have a minute and check out the conversations which are happening:  

  • Share your compelling story How has heart health affected you or a loved one?
  • Tips and Tricks Share your advice for “healthy heart” best practices
  • Trivia  Test your knowledge about the heart as the most important organ in the body
  • Race Day -  Encourage your customers/clients to support you in the fight against heart disease and stroke by including their Twitter handle in the conversation

…just make sure to include the hashtag  #LHHBoston when you tweet.

Or…maybe you are already on LinkedIn. Do you know about LinkedIn Signal, where you can search others’ status updates? We are talking about heart health there, too. Simply comment on the question you want to answer.

To get you started, see if you can guess the following trivia question:

The average adult heart beats exactly how many times each minute?

Know the answer? Tweet using the hashtag #LHHBoston, and we’ll post the answer by the end of the day.  OR, comment on the question with LinkedIn Signal.

We will be continuing the discussion for the next two weeks, please join us!

See you on race day!


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