Congratulations to DP!

Posted by JOHNLEONARD On Feb 13, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Temp of the Month- January 2020

Temporary of the Month – January 2020

Awarded $100 Outstanding Performer Bonus

DP has been a top-performing Temporary Staff Representative since becoming part of the JOHNLEONARD team in 2018. She has been assigned Legal Assistant positions at top Boston law firms. She has received positive feedback from supervisors along with multiple extension requests of her assignments.  

With her great attitude, strong work ethic, and reliability, DP has become a true asset to our organization. We are very pleased to honor her as our JOHNLEONARD Temporary of the Month.

We are all thankful at JOHNLEONARD for DP’s ability to represent our organization in such a positive way!

TAGS: Outstanding Performers

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