Feeling Down During Your Job Search? Here's How to Stay Positive

Posted by Niamh Concepcion On Oct 4, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Feeling Down During Your Job Search Here's How to Stay PositiveHaving an optimistic attitude when job seeking is essential to your success. Being out of work, especially for an extended period of time, is frustrating and can take a toll on your self-esteem. We’ve provided you with a couple of ways that will help you focus on the positives during your job hunt.


There’s nothing worse than feeling disorganized while on your job search. Disorganization often leads to frustration and lack of motivation, which can negatively impact the results you are trying to reach.  Creating a to-do list allows you to set short and long-term goals, making tasks of all sizes much easier to accomplish.  The easiest way to create a to-do list is to begin by recognizing what your goals are for the day, week and month.  Holding yourself accountable will ensure that you’re staying on top of your tasks and keeping organized, making your job search process run smoother. 


Volunteering is a keen way to stay busy and can also be an essential piece of an exceptional resume.  Making connections with individuals who have similar interests can be a valuable opportunity to network and build professional relationships.  It also will help keep your schedule full and expand your skill set. During the interview process, you’ll be able to discuss your experiences and communicate the transferable skills you've gained. Sharing your meaningful volunteer work is a great way to connect with individuals from the company who may share similar experiences.


Understanding what your personal goals are can set you on the right path to securing your dream job.  It’s beneficial to take a couple of minutes out of your day to write down your goals on paper, in order to visualize them and stay focused. Setting deadlines will allow you time to improve on the skills needed to complete your goals and will also keep you motivated from day-to-day. Be sure to keep your resume and LinkedIn profile up-to-date in order to effectively display your skill set and experience to potential employers. These strategies are essential for employers to learn what you will bring to the table.


If you find yourself applying to any and every job out there, take a step back. Use this time to explore other options and reflect on what you truly are looking for in a career. Push yourself to do and learn different things like attending job search clubs, career fairs, or taking an online class. See everything in your job search process as an opportunity rather than a failure or waste of time. Every interview you go on or person you network with, look at it as another chance for you to become a more marketable job candidate.


Acknowledging your accomplishments is an effective way to stay positive during your job search. Ending each day on a positive note will aid in helping you stay refreshed and driven.  Keep a journal and write down what you've accomplished at the end of each day in relation to your job search.  Each journal entry can be as short or long as you feel necessary (Ex: volunteered for five hours, researched a field of interest, applied to three jobs).  This will allow you to physically see all that you have accomplished before landing that job.

Remaining enthusiastic and upbeat is key to getting the most out of your job search. By following this advice you’ll continue to have a positive mindset which will keep you from giving up on the search for your dream job!


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