Free Online Tools to Learn New Resume-Boosting Skills

Posted by Danielle Walker On Jul 20, 2017 11:51:28 AM

Free Online Tools to Learn New Resume-Boosting Skills.pngToday we have a number of valuable resources that we can access through our smartphones or laptops. Whether you are conducting research for work or searching for your next job opportunity, we can do so much online. It is important to utilize these resources to enhance your education, expand your skills, and advance your career. Here is a list of skills you can learn online for free that are beneficial and will be sure to boost your resume.


Resume Skills- Microsoft Excel.png

Microsoft Excel SkillsResume Skills- Excel Image.png

Most jobs will require its employees to be proficient in some form of Microsoft Suite, with many now requiring Microsoft Excel ability. Excel can be used in a variety of ways, anywhere from simple data entry to complex data analysis. If you never learned it in school or want to improve your current knowledge, take a look at these free online training sites.

  • Khan Academy: Improve your Microsoft Excel knowledge through various exercises and videos
  • Excel Exposure: Take this free online training course to improve your Microsoft Excel skills


Resume Skills- Business.png

Online Business Courses Resume Skills- Business Image.png

You may not have had a chance to take a certain class while at school, or are looking to advance your current business knowledge. Fortunately there are plenty of online resources where you can take businesses classes for free. You can simply search for the type of course you’re looking for and a list will show up for you to choose. Try one of the following sites to access their free online courses.

  • edX: Try one of many free online courses and classes from the world's best universities
  • Coursera: Build career skills from over 2,000+ courses from top schools and universities


Resume Skills- Coding.png

 Basic Coding Skills Resume Skills- Coding Image.png

Not everyone will need coding for their job, but the technology landscape is constantly growing and evolving. Learning to code can be an additional skill to add to your resume that showcases your tech-savvy abilities. If you want to expose yourself to the world of coding, these sites will give you a free lesson.

  • Codecademy: Learn where to start coding and be part of an interactive course
  • freeCodeCamp: Build projects and join a supportive technology community


Resume Skills- Social.png

Social Media Skills Resume Skills- Social Image.png

Because social media is becoming more and more part of our daily lives, most jobs require some sort of knowledge or experience using it. Even if you think you’re a social media pro, learning new skills and techniques can only benefit you more. There are many free webinars and information online where experts share their knowledge on social media and how you can utilize it for marketing and advertising.


Resume Skills- Marketing.png

Digital Marketing Skills Resume Skills- Marketing Image.png

Digital Marketing is a more specific marketing medium, so it won’t necessarily be required for all jobs. However, learning marketing strategies and how to utilize digital platforms is a great skill to have. HubSpot; a marketing software company, has free online classes to teach you all about digital marketing. Google also has an academy that trains you on their measurement tools and how you can grow a business.

  • HubSpot Academy: Take a free online class to learn digital marketing skills


Resume Skills- Writing.png

Writing Skills Resume Skills- Writing Image.png

Whether it’s for a resume or a work assignment, writing skills are essential. It’s crucial for you to continuously improve your writing skills because it’s a skill that is necessary for all types of work. If you take the time to practice and improve your writing, it will be something that stands out on your resume, cover letter, and any communication you have with a potential employer. Try adding one of these tools to your arsenal in order to advance your skillset.

  • Hemingway App: This site analyzes your writing by sentence and makes your writing more bold and clear
  • Grammarly: A Google Chrome extension that will highlight both spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing


Resume Skills- SEO.png

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Skills Resume Skills- SEO Image.png

SEO is something that a lot of organizations have been investing more in recently. Search Engine Optimization is the activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings, so your business or website appears higher in search results, say on Google. Having this as a skill, or even a more in-depth understanding of the topic, will put you above other marketing and business candidates. Take a look at the following tools to improve your SEO skills.

  • Serpstat Academy: This website will help you learn about keyword research, search analytics, and all SEO-based topics


Resume Skills- Language.png

Foreign Languages Resume Skills- Language Image.png

Even if your specific job doesn’t require you to speak another language, having the ability to do so is an additional skill that puts you above the competition. Many online tools also have a handy mobile app so you can start learning a new language on the go. Each of the following tools are designed to help you start learning a new language a few minutes a day.

  • Duolingo: A fun way to learn a new language through your phone or online
  • Busuu: Learn a language online, in just 10 minutes a day


Resume Skills- Public Speaking.png

Public Speaking Resume Skills- Public Speaking Image.png

There aren’t many people who love public speaking, but it’s a skill that will assist you in about any profession. Being comfortable presenting in front of people or making a cold sales call is never easy, but if you practice and utilize these online tools, it will get easier.


Not all job opportunities will require each one of these skills, however taking the time to learn a new skill will only further demonstrate your drive and dedication. If you want to enhance your resume and overall career, utilize the numerous free resources you have at your fingertips.


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