How to Make Your Social Postings Infinitely Better in Minutes

Posted by Erin Bazinet On Apr 26, 2016 10:36:29 AM

How_to_Make_Your_Social_Postings_Infinitely_Better_in_Minutes.pngIt’s understandable that you may not have time to create unique, well-designed social media postings every time you tweet or put up a status. However, adding a little bit of creativity to your postings can make a big difference when trying to stand out in your job search, or your career overall. Even if the job you are applying to doesn’t require you to be on social media, it’s helpful to be available online so a recruiter or hiring manager has a better chance of coming across your profile. Keep reading to learn how you can make your social postings infinitely better in a matter of minutes.

Use images

Take a look at any newsfeed from your social media accounts. Which postings do you notice stick out the most or are being shared the most by other users? Posts with images in them.

One of the easiest ways to improve your social media postings is by using images. According to HubSpot, "Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content." By simply adding some type of visual aid to your posting, you are more than likely going to see more reactions to it.

Although it may seem like a hassle to add a photo to your postings, there are tools available to make the process easy. When you use the tool Buffer to set up your postings, it gives you an option to attach a corresponding photo from the link you want to post. Similar social media tools, like Hootsuite and Jarvis, also help in setting up these types of postings. Taking this extra step with your updates will not only help you stick out to recruiters, it will also better demonstrate your social media knowledge and dedication to stay active on these sites.


Don’t just copy the headline of an article

When crafting the headlines of your social media posts, it’s also important to add a bit of originality. Typically when you post a link to an article or blog, they will provide you with an automatic message (typically the headline or title of the post) you can use. While it is much easier to just post as is, take it a step further and generate a more original update.

You can effortlessly add more creativity to your social media postings by using a quote from the article or blog, adding your own comment if you agree or not, or asking a question. Try also using a call-to-action in order to get your social following to click or share your tweet or status. This could be as simple as “read more,” “learn more,” “please share,” or “give it a try.”

For example, with the title of this article, you can use a question and a call-to-action: “Do you want to improve your social postings? Learn how to in a matter of minutes.” By creating a unique posting, it shows your followers and recruiters that you read the article, have a point of view on it, and like it enough to share it with your audience.

Know where to use each network’s features

Lastly, in order to demonstrate you’ve kept up to date with social media trends, you need to be aware of each network’s features. Think of this as a last minute check on your postings before you set them up to publish.

The main features you need to know involve hashtags and mentions. Hashtags work on both Twitter and Facebook, but not on LinkedIn. The @ symbol only works when used on Twitter, and not Facebook and LinkedIn. By including the wrong symbols in your postings, it will look lazy and make you look like you are using the same postings across all of your social networks.


You don’t want to spend the time to add images and creating a great call-to-action, just to include a wrong feature in your post. Demonstrate to recruiters and potential employers that you want to have the best postings possible.

By taking the extra minute or so to add these features, you will substantially improve your social postings. And once you’ve created these postings, don’t be afraid to share them more than once. You worked hard on creating them so they should be seen by more people. These tactics will not only attract more followers and connections, but will also attract more recruiters and hiring managers to your profiles and show them how qualified you are for their jobs.


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