How to Prepare for Attracting Generation Z Talent

Posted by Lexi Albrecht On Sep 4, 2018 11:58:03 AM
How to Prepare for Attracting Gen Z Talent

Millennials can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing Generation Z is next in line to receive all the attention and scrutiny of the media. Gen-Z, people born after 1996, is about to rapidly change the workforce as we know it. A common misconception is that Millennials and Gen-Z have the same values and motives. The main difference is, Gen-Z doesn’t know life without smartphones and cutting-edge technology. Their priorities, aspirations, and wants in the workplace are very different from any other generation and it’s important to know these differences when marketing to them.

Employers need to shift and adapt their recruiting efforts to attract and retain the 61 million post-millennials as they begin transforming the workplace. We’ve provided you with different ways your organization can swiftly prepare for attracting Generation Z. You’ll want to start sooner rather than later, considering the first group of this cohort graduates college this year!

Offer career growth

Gen-Zers are entrepreneurs by nature. For organizations, this is a key characteristic to keep in mind when attracting this generation’s talent. Encouraging workers to bring new fresh ideas to the table will promote innovation and help your firm reach its goals. This group of people is constantly thinking about their own aspirations and how your company will help them grow within their career. Provide them with the necessary tools that will constantly challenge and teach them.

This generation is also known to be happier when working independently. By satisfying this, try allowing your employees to work on independent “passion” assignments. This will keep them engaged and incentivize them to be more interested in their projects.

Keep pace with current technologies

As technology natives, this generation is extremely attentive to social media and the newest technologies. They are accustomed to constant change and learning how to adapt to different apps and software. To attract Gen-Z, show them that your company embraces and allows employees access to the latest technologies and products. If your organization’s technology is ten years old, don’t be surprised if they turn around and walk out the door. Stay up-to-date with basic software updates, so employees can work efficiently and stay connected. Adopting a tech-centered workplace will allow your Gen-Z employees to thrive.

Ditch digital communication

As shocking as this may sound, the generation that is most consumed with screens and social media, actually prefers to communicate face-to-face, opposed to email or an online chat. Gen-Z seeks honesty and transparency and communicating face-to-face satisfies that. They crave real professional connections and want a simple yet, traditional communication style. They want their bosses and co-workers to tell them what they did right and what they did wrong. Keep in mind, just because this generation is immersed in technology 24/7, that doesn’t mean they don’t value or appreciate in-person relationships. 

Money motivates

This is one of the only generations that really contemplate their financial future. Growing up in the Great Recession and seeing their parents lose their jobs and struggle financially, has made this group extremely aware and educated about money and debt. They are highly motivated by security and a good salary, unlike millennials who are more interested in trendy office perks. Promise Gen-Z employees’ job security and a competitive compensation, they will choose whichever organization offers the most money.

How to Prepare for Attracting Gen Z Talent 2


As Gen-Z quickly outnumbers millennials and Baby Boomers, organizations will need to re-evaluate their recruitment tactics. This tech-savvy generation will be taking over the job market by storm within the next couple of years. To prepare for this job curve, follow these steps and you’ll attract the next generation’s top talent!


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