How to Tackle Your Job Search Like a Marketer

Posted by Erin Bazinet On Mar 14, 2017 10:52:15 AM

How to Tackle Your Job Search Like a Marketer.pngTop marketing professionals utilize a variety of methods and tools to market their product or service to their audience. A job search requires a similar methodology as you need to market yourself as the top candidate for the job at hand and to the potential employer.

Be Aware of the 4 P’s of Marketing

When tackling your job search with a marketing perspective, it’s important to keep in mind the 4 P’s of marketing, better known as the marketing mix. The marketing mix consists of the 4 areas to focus on when bringing a new product or service to market. These elements will assist you in defining your options and determining the best ways to meet your customers’ needs. Each of these areas can also be applied to a different aspect of the job search.

1 Product.pngProduct: In regard to your job search, you are the product that needs to be sold to the consumer, which is the potential employer. In this aspect, you need to determine what makes you unique and which of your accomplishments you think will set you apart from the other candidates applying.

2 Promotion.pngPromotion: Once you’ve established your advantages, you need to showcase them to an employer. You will do this through a variety of aspects, including your resume, social media profiles, emails to recruiters and hiring managers, and any other communication you may have with an employer. Think about the tools ready at your disposal and how you can utilize them to promote your abilities and skillset.

3 Place.pngPlace: Throughout your search, you must have channels available to distribute your product so you can be better received by your audience. Utilize channels such as your referrals, networking events, a recruiter you are working with, or connections established through social media to continue to help sell your skills to an employer.

4 Price.pngPrice: Finally, you also need to determine your value, which in this case means your compensation expectations. This will not only include what you want to make for your overall salary, but any other benefits you are looking for when choosing an employer, such as any bonus potential, benefits, paid time off, or other perks.

When you visualize your job search through this perspective, you can determine what your top selling points are as a candidate, and how you can best showcase them to potential employers. In addition, there are marketing-based ideas and techniques you can apply to further stand out in your search and put yourself ahead of the competition.

Compile Market Research

Conducting research on potential employers is an integral part of the job search process, however there are other ways in which you can use research to stand out. Compile research on recent market and industry trends so you can use it during discussions on a phone screen or during an interview. Stay up to date on current news so you can participate in conversations on social media or at networking events. This extra knowledge will only further demonstrate your desire and motivation for a role.

Find the Right Contacts

When addressing an email or correspondence to a potential employer, it’s absolutely crucial to find the right person to address your message. Don’t just write “to whom this may concern,” find an actual name. You can find recruiters, hiring managers, or contacts through the search feature on LinkedIn, by searching business contacts on Zoominfo or Leadferret, or simply just trying through Google.

Automate Your Social Postings

A job search will undoubtedly keep you busy, so it can be difficult to fit in social media maintenance to your schedule. However, recruiters and hiring managers will want to see that you are not only on social media, but are active on these sites as well. Thankfully there are several helpful tools, such as Buffer and Hootsuite, which allow you to schedule postings that will automatically post on your social networks throughout the day. This will save you time as well as keep you in the eye of potential employers.

Create a Personal Website or Blog

In order to stand out from a crowd of applicants, you need to put in some extra effort into being creative and drawing more attention. A great way to do this is to have supplemental material to showcase your skills, in addition to your resume and cover letter. A personal website or blog will allow you to highlight your knowledge of the industry, as well as provide another outlet for recruiters and hiring managers to see your skills in action. You can easily set up a website through Wordpress or Squarespace, or through something a bit simpler, such as or

Utilize Creative Graphics

In addition to a personal website or blog, there are other visuals you can create that can be a supplement to your resume. You can add more visual content to your resume through VisualCV, or create innovative images through Canva. The content you create with these tools doesn’t just have to be on your resume or cover letter, you can utilize the visuals in emails you send to employers or on your social media pages. If you spend the time developing creative content, you want to be able to share it through your network so it reaches as many connections as possible.

Have Personalized Email Templates Ready

Whether you’re just reaching out to an employer, connecting with a recruiter on LinkedIn, or following up after an interview, email is a great way to be inventive and generate a better response. Create templates for each part of the job search process, and have them ready to use when needed. You can create these templates in MailChimp, this way you’ll have them all in one spot and can keep them organized. Remember to have aspects of the email personalized, so the recruiter or hiring manager will know you took time to learn about their organization and are truly interested in the role.

There are a number of ways you can incorporate marketing ideas and concepts into your job search. Recruiters, hiring managers, and employers will only notice you more and appreciate that you took the extra time to add a bit of creativity to stand out.


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