Light Up the New Year: 2019 Recruiting Trends

Posted by Madison Norman On Jan 3, 2019 10:43:00 AM
Light Up the New Year - 2019 Recruiting Trends

Entering the New Year, it’s important to be aware of the set of new recruiting trends that will impact your organization’s recruitment process. To get ahead of your competition, take a look at some of the top recruiting trends you need to be implementing in 2019!

Flexible working conditions

The Gig Economy has grown significantly over the last years as more and more individuals have begun seeking freelance and contract work. This upward trend is greatly changing individual’s workplace expectations and desires. Currently, more than one-third of U.S. workers are employed in the Gig Economy and that number is expected to grow with the advancement of technology. Since this type of economy offers employees a great amount of flexibility and freedom, consider offering less traditional work hours or customizable schedules to attract workers in this economy.

Utilize technology for your talent search

The use of social media in the job search process has become more relevant each year. LinkedIn reported, 70% of the workforce is made up of passive job seekers, meaning that candidates are not actively searching for a job but they are open to new opportunities. Similarly, the top channels for people to search for new jobs are online job boards and social professional networks. By investing and utilizing technology to advertise your openings, candidates will be more likely to browse your company’s opportunities and familiarize themselves with your company whether or not they are looking for a new opportunity.

Focus on employer branding

With the increase in technology comes a greater focus on employer branding and imaging. Candidates examine your website, company reviews, and social media before even applying or interviewing, greatly swaying their perceptions of your organization. It has been found, the majority of candidates read six reviews before formulating an opinion about a company and 70% of candidates look at reviews before making any major career decisions. Moving into 2019, it is essential that organizations keep an eye on what previous employees and customers are saying about them and to manage their online reputation. A bad set of reviews can not only harm your business but prevent future employees from applying.

Relationship management

Building strong, lasting relationships with current employees and candidates is essential for success in the New Year. LinkedIn reported the number one way people discover a new job is through a referral. Companies can expand their talent pool by over ten times by recruiting through their current employee’s networks. Customer referrals come at a low cost to your company and will likely result in even more referrals in the future. Consider encouraging your employees to provide your hiring team with referrals through incentive programs or greater benefits.

Talent shortage

The current tight labor market has resulted in a talent shortage, as many companies struggle to find qualified candidates to fill their open positions. 48% of global employers reported talent shortages as their biggest challenge.  Outsourcing recruiting efforts to an agency can help overcome talent shortage by referring qualified candidates from their existing talent community. This can save your organization’s valuable time, money and efforts, as the hiring process is becoming extremely difficult for employers working on their own.

Light Up the New Year - 2019 Recruiting Trends (1)In 2019 it’s highly suggested that you consider these five trending recruiting strategies. By keeping in mind these relevant elements of the economy and talent pool, you will significantly improve your recruitment process in the New Year!


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