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Posted by JOHNLEONARD On Jun 22, 2015 11:34:00 AM
Increased Smartphone Uses Sparks Staffing Industry Shift

Today JOHNLEONARD launched a mobile optimized rebrand. This is in part due to recent technological and behavioral developments in the staffing industry, staffing agencies are at a crossroads between traditional recruitment methods and mobile and social adaptations. 

Icims reported that 65 percent of workers who search for jobs via mobile devices will leave a website if it isn't mobile-optimized.

These recent behavioral underpinnings of the staffing industry demonstrate that mobile application completion is crucial to developing a superior candidate pool.

Given that 51 percent of candidates are applying for jobs on their mobile device, desktop-only method hugely limits a candidate pool.

President of JOHNLEONARD, Derek McKinley claims “Our world is shifting, and we are embracing it. Optimizing our service offerings to mobile and increasing social media involvement are only the first steps in our goal to even further engage with our audience.”

JOHNLEONARD is at the forefront of this paradigm shift, since recent studies conclude that 82 percent of companies don’t use mobile-optimized job postings.

 “It’s beyond a logo change and a website redesign.  It’s embracing a change in the way we do things.  Staffing as we have known it is changing, and we are showing that we are not just on board, we are drivers of these changes” says CEO of JOHNLEONARD, Linda J Poldoian.

Highlights of the rebrand stretch beyond mobile optimization to include enriched blog content, a new job platform, and an entirely redesigned job search process.  These enhancements were designed to enhance the interactive experience of both candidates and employers alike. 

“An industry leader since 1969, our goal was to find new and innovative ways to continue to connect talent with opportunity.  We couldn’t be happier with the new look of JOHNLEONARD” says Poldoian.  “However, rest assured, our fundamental principal hasn’t changed.  We’re much more than just staffing specialists.  We are who our employers and candidates come to for help, the ones they consult, the ones they trust.  We know that our Actions Speak Louder Than Words and with this redesign, we’ve made communication much easier and hands on, all to better suit our growing community and connect our employers and candidates together.


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