Pros and Cons of Top Job Search Websites

Posted by Megan Jewell On Oct 22, 2019 10:27:54 AM

Pros and Cons of Top Job Search Websites-1Thanks to the internet, job search websites have made it easy for job seekers to search and apply to their dream job. There’s an abundance of different job board sites to help you land an interview and job, but it can get a little overwhelming when determining which resource to use. We’ve created a helpful list of some of the top general job search websites (in no particular order) and their pros and cons to help simplify your search!



  • LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for professionals, so naturally, that’s where recruiters and hiring managers search.
  • Hiring managers pay to have their jobs posted so you can trust the positions are legitimate and serious.
  • InMail is LinkedIn’s messaging feature that allows you to connect with industry professionals and receive messages from recruiters about potential opportunities.
  • You can learn about potential employers by reviewing their activity on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Join Groups to find and connect with professionals in your industry, as well as find related job opportunities under a Group’s ‘jobs’ tab.


  • There are 690+ million professionals on LinkedIn, so there is heavy competition in the applicant pool when applying for a hot job.
  • To stand out amongst other applicants, you can apply to jobs as a ‘featured applicant’. The downside, the monthly fee to be a Premium Member is rather expensive.



  • Monster offers incredibly advanced filtering options and a helpful resource center.
  • This site gives you the ability to withhold your resume from certain companies. This allows individuals to keep their resume away from a current employer if they are searching for a new opportunity.


  • Companies know that Monster has a very large audience, so it’s prime real estate. Therefore, many advertisements ruin the user experience causing a frustrated job seeker and an undesirable layout.



  • Glassdoor rates organizations (1-5 stars) based on several factors. Job seekers can accurately research companies so they know what to expect, even before the interview.
  • Not only can you read company reviews from current and past employees but you can also search industry salaries and benefits, company interview tips, and read their career advice blogs.
  • On each job posting, Glassdoor alerts you if it is a “Hot,” “New,” a “Top Company,” or “Hiring.” This allows job seekers to sense if the job is highly desired by others.
  • At the bottom of your results page, Glassdoor gives recommended searches like popular areas and popular companies for jobs relating to your search.


  • Glassdoor lacks advanced search options compared to the other job search websites.
  • Like any online review website, some company testimonials left by individuals may be fake feedback.



  • It has the most job postings out of all the websites and it’s a ‘general job searching site’ which targets seasonal workers, temporary and contract job seekers, high school students, and recent college graduates.
  • Indeed posts job opportunities from hundreds of other sites onto theirs, so it saves job seekers time by not having to search for similar opportunities on countless other sites.


  • Since there are many different websites posted to Indeed’s site, often you are redirected to another site to apply.
  • The user interface, particularly the navigation and layout, isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other sites.



  • CareerBuilder provides users with advanced search options to find the exact job they are looking for including, trending job searches, top 20 hiring companies, and different job categories.
  • An abundance of helpful career advice is available on CareerBuilder’s page under the “Career Development and Learning” tab.
  • Many jobs on this site have an Easy Apply option, so your application can be quickly sent to the employer straight from CareerBuilder’s webpage.


  • CareerBuilder often posts jobs that are only targeted to individuals with a college degree.



  • One thing that makes Snagajob stand out over other job board websites is that it has over 41,000 available job categories to search from. This allows job seekers to find virtually any job they have in mind.
  • There are countless entry-level jobs available on this site.


  • Because there is a vast amount of job titles, it is hard to just browse openings. Key-words are not as effective, so you need to know exactly what you are searching for.
  • It’s more difficult to find jobs that require college degrees.
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I recommend exploring these popular sites for yourself. Spend around 10 minutes on each searching for jobs that you’re interested in. You’ll be able to get a sense of how to navigate the site and the tools it has to offer. Also, be sure to periodically check the page where you can search for employment opportunities in all job categories throughout a variety of sectors. We update our jobs page every day with exclusive jobs in Boston and the surrounding area! If you’re on the job hunt, take these pros and cons into consideration when choosing which job site you will utilize.


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