Renee Sawyer: 2015 Temporary of the Year

Posted by JOHNLEONARD On Jan 7, 2016 11:17:22 AM


We recently had the honor of recognizing Renee Sawyer as our 2015 Temporary Staff Representative of the Year.  With her supervisors present, we presented her with a $500 Outstanding Performer bonus. 

Renee has been a Temporary Staff Representative for JOHNLEONARD since October of 2014.  She has completed over 19 assignments for us and is currently in a long-term Legal Assistant role.  Her constant flexibility and eagerness to do any job, with 100% commitment, has made her an exemplary employee.

Renee has received superb feedback from her supervisors from many, if not all, of her assignments.  One supervisor said, "Her work product was fast, accurate and polished.  She did it with humor and patience and we all enjoyed working with her.  Renee is not only a real Team Player, she is the All Star."  Her most recent supervisor described her as “universally loved by lawyers and staff,” and that he is “sad that we don’t have an opportunity to hire Renee permanently, which I would do in a heartbeat.  If you hire her, you won’t be disappointed.”

In addition to her rave reviews, Renee is one of our most reliable Temporary Staff Representatives.  She is truly deserving of this recognition and we are extremely grateful to have her as a member of the JOHNLEONARD team.

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