Sales Skills You Need to Land Your Next Job

Posted by Erin Bazinet On Mar 31, 2016 10:53:51 AM

Sales_Skills_You_Need_to_Land_Your_Next_Job.jpgWhether you are an entry-level or a seasoned professional, at some point in your career you will need to demonstrate sales skills. These skills can come into play when you are trying to negotiate a raise, giving a presentation, or explaining a new idea to your boss.  Sales skills aren’t just necessary throughout your career, they are also essential when you are searching for a job. Therefore, which sales skills will help you land your next career move?


Regardless of where you are in your job search or career, a personal brand is imperative. You may not even know you have one, so it’s important to take time to establish how you make an impression. Your brand is what is to going to make you stick out to recruiters and hiring managers, so you need to be memorable. Use creative sales skills to update your resume, show expertise on your social media networks, establish online profiles, make business cards, or anything else you can think of that will enhance your brand.

Relationship Building

Relationship building is a key skill set you absolutely need when searching for a job. You will need to build a variety of relationships throughout your search, including staffing consultants, recruiters, hiring managers, networking event connections, social media connections, fellow industry connections, and more. Being able to create these solid connections with those involved in your job search will only help you on your way to landing your next job opportunity.


Communication skills are skills that will assist you throughout your entire career. As a job seeker, it’s absolutely necessary to maintain strong written and verbal communication skills. When you are writing an email to a recruiter or hiring manager, you need to have perfect grammar and respond in a timely manner. Excellent verbal communication skills include the pitch and pace you use while talking and showing your enthusiasm for a job opportunity. Additionally, these communication skills will come into play when you are in an interview, meeting a new connection, or networking at an event.

Product Knowledge

Before you have an interview or a phone screen, it’s crucial to know that organization inside and out. You need to do research on the organization itself including the company culture, products or services it provides, and industry it’s in. You can find this information on their corporate website, through social media, or via online research. It’s also important to know the details of the position you are interviewing for and the must have qualifications needed to succeed in the role. Take it a step further and research similar roles in that company through LinkedIn or find information on the person you are interviewing with to have even more talking points.


Whether you are interviewing over the phone, through a video platform, or in-person, presentation skills are vital. By being able to demonstrate your skill sets and qualifications, you are able to sell yourself as the best candidate for the position. Other factors that make for a great presentation include wearing appropriate attire, utilizing non-verbal cues, and displaying your enthusiasm to work at that organization. You need to make an impression the first time you meet in order to leave the employer wanting more, such as a second interview.


After you submit an application or have an interview, it’s important to demonstrate persistence. Now, you don’t want to be following up the second you leave an interview or calling insistently to see if your resume has been reviewed. You want to find the right balance that shows you are eager to move forward in the hiring process. Persistence is also crucial if you don’t get the job after submitting an application or having an interview. You need to be able to keep your head up and start searching for that next opportunity.

Sales_Skills_2.jpgRegardless of where you are in your career, you will need one or all of these sales skills in order to succeed. These skills will not only play an important role in your job search process, but can lead to the next opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


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