Stop Wasting Time at Work: 3 Easy Ways to Stay Productive

Posted by Niamh Concepcion On Jul 18, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Stop Wasting Time at Work_ 3 Easy Ways to Stay Productive

Staying on track while at work can be difficult with all the different distractions thrown at you. If you find yourself getting distracted by nonproductive tasks: chatting with co-workers, taking unnecessary long snack or coffee breaks, or surfing the web, you are most likely wasting more time then you’d like to admit. To help you eliminate the time spent on these interruptions, consider these three strategies that will help you stop wasting time at work and start boosting your productivity!  

Organize and Track Your Day

When you first arrive to work, write a to-do list of all of the things you need to accomplish that day.  It’s recommended to set a time frame of when you want each to be finished. For example, log three tasks you want to be done by mid-morning, and then another three things you want to be done by lunchtime. Repeat this in the afternoon until you leave for the day.  

From personal experience, you will be amazed at how motivated you will be to cross off each responsibility and how satisfying it is to do so. Be sure to keep this list visible on your desk so you don’t lose sight of it and keep the list small so you don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks.

Reward Yourself with Breaks

Scheduling short breaks throughout the day will help replenish your energy and focus. When you complete a certain number of tasks, give yourself a five-minute break to take a walk outside for some fresh air or go grab a snack. Getting up and moving a few times throughout the workday, will improve your overall mental and physical health, both extremely important when it comes to staying focused at work. Getting into the habit of taking breaks forces you to regain focus and gives you an incentive by looking forward to your next break. Furthermore, it will curb the natural urge to pay attention to the many distractions that present themselves throughout the day.  

Put Down Your Cell Phone

Keeping your cell phone beside you can create the biggest time-waster of your day. Naturally, when you see a notification pop up you want to pick up your phone and look and if you try to ignore it, you will only keep thinking about it. I highly suggest putting your phone away in your drawer or muting notifications until your deserved break. Also, if you’re looking at a computer screen all day giving your eyes a break from staring at your phone is worthwhile.  

Stop Wasting Time at Work_ 3 Easy Ways to Stay Productive (2)Before trying any of these tips, first identify the actions that distract you. Once you acknowledge these interferences, then build these three easy steps into your workday. Working in a busy office where disruptions are very common, these core tactics have helped me to maximize my days and have saved me immense time in the long run!


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