Strategies to Get Hired as a Recent College Graduate

Posted by Lexi Albrecht On Jul 17, 2018 11:24:56 AM

Strategies to get hired as a recent college grad-1Congratulations, you’ve graduated college! Now that you have retired your cap and gown, do you have a job? As your student loans sneak up on you and the stress of the real-world sets in, the post-grad job search can be intensely discouraging. Many of us are all too familiar with this frustrating feeling. Know that you’re not alone and you’re not out of luck! Below are strategies and resources that will help you stay on track with your job search and land your first ‘adult’ job.

sunTreat your summer like a 9-5

Although tempting, don’t take the summer off. Your post-grad summer is beyond different than the past four summers you’ve experienced. Searching for a job after college requires undeniable effort and determination. Develop a scheduled routine for the week; wake up at the same time, get dressed and ready for the day, and set aside specific time for job search activities. Research shows, by practicing and treating your job search like a full-time position, you’ll increase your chances of finding a job that’s right for you.

computerSpring clean your social media

It’s time to permanently delete those frat party photos off your Instagram. It’s no myth that managers will search your social media accounts before or after an interview. In fact, one in three employers have denied new college grads due to their inappropriate online presence. Post tasteful content that portrays your outgoing, likable personality, just ditch the beer can. Share posts that are related to your field of interest and bring up relevant articles or news stories during your interview. Your public online persona should reflect the young professional that you are!   

glassCapitalize on your college’s alumni network

Fellow graduates are great resources to look to when seeking job advice, potential referrals and leads. Connect with established alumni and organize an informational interview. Ask contacts to provide insightful information about your field of interest and about openings in their organization.

Remember, alumni are eager to help and very receptive to student questions from graduates of their school. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they can pass your resume along to others in their network.

newspaperExpand your job search horizons

After several months of being unemployed and living with your parents, it’s a good idea to broaden your job search criteria. Don’t be close-minded or narrow when it comes to applying to industries, locations, or job roles. Being open to different job opportunities will lead you to finding a job quicker.

networkStay on top of industry news

Even though you don’t have a job yet, keeping up with trends and news in your field is very important. It’s recommended that you read industry journals, join professional social media groups (especially LinkedIn), and follow industry influencers on social media. Doing these basic things will educate and help you find opportunities where there is growth, which organizations to avoid, and trends in hiring and the job market.

caseTry out temping  

Temporary employment agencies can be the missing piece to your post-grad job search puzzle. Working with a temp agency that specializes in your field will provide you with immense experience, give you a feel for what it’s like to work in your industry full time and let you test out potential careers without committing long-term. Check out our excellent temp jobs that are great for new college grads! 

Strategies to get hired as a recent college grad 2-1Finding a job can be tricky for everyone, even more so for recent graduates with little to no experience. By following these tips you’ll be on a better path to finding your first real-world job.  Stay positive throughout this process and remind yourself that in the end you will find a job. You have the education and drive, now put yourself out there and be the best possible candidate you can be!


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