The 7 TEDTalks You Need to Motivate Your Job Search

Posted by Erin Bazinet On Jan 19, 2017 10:31:32 AM

The 7 TEDTalks You Need to Motivate Your Job Search.pngWhen it comes to starting your job search, it’s always helpful to have a bit of motivation. If you are having difficulty finding work that excites you, are trying to fit a job search into your already busy schedule, or want to know how to stand out in your search, TEDTalks can be a great way to inspire ideas.  There are a number of helpful and motivational TEDTalk videos available, but these seven videos will specifically assist you when trying to find that new career opportunity. 

1. Scott Dinsmore: How to Find Work You Love


Whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first job or a seasoned professional looking to make a career move, we all want to be able to find an opportunity that we truly enjoy. In this TED Talk, Scott Dinsmore explains why he left a job that made him miserable in order to determine what kind of work would be more meaningful for him. Use this discussion so you can find out what matters the most to you in a career, and then set up ways to discover those opportunities.


2. Kare Anderson: Be an Opportunity Maker


When searching for a new job opportunity, it's important to determine our own professional and personal goals. With this TEDTalk, Kare Anderson explains how you can find your true passions in your life. This will not only help you in determining what to look for in a job opportunity and future employer, but also what skills you currently have to make that happen.


3. Matt Cutts: Try Something New for 30 Days


Is there a new technology you have been wanting to learn? Is there a class in a certain subject you've always wanted to try? Or is there a skill you currently have that you want to improve? Matt Cutts explains in the quick TEDTalk why you should go out and try this new thing for 30 days. Employers and recruiters will want to see that you have a desire for learning, and adding new skills to your arsenal is a great way to stand out as a job-seeking candidate.


4. Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of Awesome


Neil Pasricha shares his insight on how we can find more of the simple pleasures in life. He focuses on the 3 A's to discover these awesome moments in your day, which are Attitude, Awareness, and Authenticity. So when your job search is getting tough, still try to take notice of the positive aspects going on around you. Finding these moments will inspire and motivate you as you continue with your search.


5. Laura Vanderkam: How to Gain Control of Your Free Time


Time management plays an extremely big role in the overall job search process. How do you fit in time to search for a new job when you're currently employed? Where can you find extra time to apply and network when you have an already jam-packed schedule, even after work? Laura Vanderkam explains in this TEDTalk how you can find more time in your day that truly matters to you. That way you can make the most of the free time you do have and find a career that you really want.


6. Carol Fishman Cohen: How to Get Back to Work after a Career Break


If you've recently been taking time off from work and are starting your job search again, where should you start? It can be difficult, and even sometimes a scary feat, to get back into the swing of things after a break. In this TEDTalk, Carol Fishman Cohen discusses the options you have, and how you can successfully return to work. Heading back into the workforce can be a challenging process, but this conversation shows you a number of ways to get going again.


7. Ruth Chang: How to Make Hard Choices


Choosing that next step in your career path is not an easy task. There are a number of decisions that you need to make, such as which industry to work in, where the location of the office is, are there growth opportunities available, and which type of company culture you want. Ruth Chang explains that while these decisions are difficult, we may be thinking about them in the wrong way. Watch this discussion to assist you with the choices you need to make when looking for a new job opportunity.

As a job seeker, it can sometimes be tough to stay motivated throughout the hiring process. Hopefully these videos will provide you with more inspiration and will guide your way to a new career!


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