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This Sunday we join with our friends and families alike to watch the two best teams from each division duke it out…amongst the lights and expectations of viewers…to take home Footballs top prize.  While the spirit of the Big Game is rooted in sportsmanship, athleticism and good hearted competition, we all know (not so secretly) that both teams wish to annihilate their competition.  It is this fact, along with the highly anticipated commercials, that keep viewers hooked year after year.

But who will win? Even the best minds in sports can’t tell you for sure.  Each team has something special that has brought them to this point, but is it enough?  Interestingly, if you think about it, many of the struggles that these two teams will face are directly rooted in a job seekers ultimate goal of landing a job and beating out the competition.

Team chemistry

You might be the most qualified person for the position, but do you mesh well with the team you are about to join?  Many companies spend vast amounts of time and energy to ensure that the members of their team fit well into their culture.  Seriously, who would Tom Brady throw to if he didn’t have anyone qualified to catch the ball?  Same goes for your next job, will you be able to pick up and run with the ball or will you stumble and fall?   Hiring Managers try to figure this out during your interview with the hope of building a team that is a well oiled machine.

Do your nerves hold up?

In the past, during the Big Game many great teams have completely choked.  With mounting expectations and the pressure to win, players tend to be a little on edge.

Don’t let your nerves throw you from performing well during your next interview.  Hiring Managers already know you are nervous, even despite your poise and grace.  Show them that you can push through, and WOW them.

Know the other team

While surprises happen during the game, each team usually has a feel for what the other team is going to do.  Don’t let your interviewer surprise you, do your research.  Get to know the players on the other team, research their LinkedIn profiles, read reviews (i.e. Glassdoor) and know what to expect once you walk in the door.

Create a play

Be creative!  The Patriots stunned everyone by designating Michael Hoomanawanui (tight end) an eligible receiver to score an important touchdown during the playoff season.  This move, which was “legal”, gave the Patriots a significant edge over their competition.

While many interviews are lead by the interviewer, you as the interviewee should be prepared to engage and shape the play of the conversation.  Start with mapping out a list of touch points that you want to highlight about yourself, such as 3 things that would make you a good fit for the role and specific questions that you want to ask the interviewer about the job or the company. 

Cheating isn’t worth it

Clearly, the Patriots are not enjoying the #DeflateGate publicity.  By allegedly deflating 11 footballs in last week’s game against the Colts, they have caused a whirlwind of conspiracy and doubt as to their ability to play fairly.  Even though the investigation isn’t over, the team will go forth into Sunday’s game with a tainted reputation. 

The “kicker” in all of this is, (as it turned out) they lead the game from start to finish with a final 38 point margin of victory.  Which begs the question, why would anyone risk even the slightest hint of cheating?

We are all prone to panic.  We divulge false information during interviews, on our resumes, etc.  But in the end we will all get caught and learn that playing The Lying Game simply isn’t worth it.  The best policy is to play your best and see who comes out on top.

As to who will win?  The only way to find out is to watch the game this Sunday…GO PATS!

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