The Dos and Dont's for Your Professional Profile Picture

Posted by Carly Cohan On Jul 31, 2018 11:17:12 AM

Profile Picture Dos and Don'ts 1Before a recruiter reads your LinkedIn headline, name, or location, the first thing they see is your profile picture. Your profile picture for your personal social media accounts should not be the same as your professional accounts. Hiring managers are not impressed by your vacation or the party you went to last weekend. Considering LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network, employers expect to see a sharp, polished photo of yourself. With that being said, below is a list of dos and don’ts to review before choosing your professional profile picture.

Dos and Don'ts 1-1

Do wear what you would on an interview

Dress for the job you want. It’s important to display the same amount of confidence you would in an interview or during a presentation in your profile picture. Your confidence will come across strongest when you dress to impress.  

Dos and Don'ts 2Don’t use a selfie

Not to suggest that you have to spend money on a private studio with a professional photographer. But do have a friend or family member take a picture of you on the best camera you have access to. If you can’t get your hands on a high quality camera, try using portrait mode on your cell phone.

Dos and Don'ts 3Do use Photoshop if necessary

There’s nothing wrong with editing small corrections where you see fit. This is a great tool if you are unhappy with a blemish or if you want to brighten your teeth to complement your smile.

Dos and Don'ts 4Don’t confuse recruiters by looking different in your picture than you do in person

As silly as it may sound, some people reach the point where they don’t look like their photo in person. The best way to present yourself in your picture is by looking like your true self.   

Dos and Don'ts 5Do keep your picture consistent throughout your professional social media accounts

If you’re attaching your Twitter account or online portfolio to your LinkedIn then make sure to use the same picture. Consistency is important because recruiters will begin to recognize you after seeing the same photo across your accounts

Dos and Don'ts 6Don’t have a distracting background

The focal point of your profile picture should be you. If you’re being overlooked by your pet or scenery in the background, it’s time to make a change. Use a neutral colored backdrop (typically white) so that you stand out.

Dos and Don'ts 7Do add personal touches in small ways

Don’t be afraid of incorporating your unique personality. You can accomplish this by adding something that represents your style. Another way to stand out is by adding a bold accent color. Pair your black blazer with a bright solid shirt to get a recruiter’s attention.

Dos and Don'ts 8Don’t forget to smile

A professional picture is not the same as a mugshot. Your goal is to appear approachable and personable. If you begin an interview with a handshake and big smile you should emulate that same greeting in your profile picture.

Profile Picture Dos and Don'ts 2-1LinkedIn has become the new version of a first impression. Selecting an appropriate picture can make the difference of whether or not an employer wants to select you for the job. Follow these 8 do’s and don’ts before clicking upload and you’ll come across as a successful professional. 


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