The Top JOHNLEONARD Blog Posts of 2018

Posted by JOHNLEONARD On Dec 27, 2018 10:19:58 AM
Top Blog Posts 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, take a look back at our top blog content that was viewed this year. It’s our goal to consistently provide our community of readers with the best career advice, resume tips, networking information, and more. So before the New Year begins, review our posts and make sure you subscribe to our blog in order to receive our newest blogs all throughout 2019!

1) 10 Additional Free Tools to Create a More Advanced Resume

Creating a resume for your job search can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are helpful tools online that can assist you in writing a more advanced resume. We’ve already shown you ten free online tools that can help write, edit, and develop your resume. However, there are additional tools (that are also free!) out there that can support you in this task. Take a look at the following ten tools that will not only help you create a fantastic resume but will also improve your chances of moving forward in the hiring process.

10 Additional Free Tools to Create a More Advanced Resume-1

2) The 6 Things Recruiters Look for in Your LinkedIn Profile 

Making your LinkedIn profile stronger and more comprehensive will not only make you stand out to recruiters but will also help you find your next opportunity. Take a look at the top six things recruiters look for in your LinkedIn profile and make the necessary updates today.

The 6 Things Recruiters Look for in Your LinkedIn Profile-1

3) 5 Creative Ways to Make Your Brand Shine

Your personal brand is a tool you can use to gain the attention of employers or further establish yourself as an industry leader. Even if you’re only just beginning to develop yours, there are ways you can get your knowledge and expertise in front of others. Take a look at these five creative ways that can enhance your personal brand and really make it shine.

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Personal Brand Shine-1

4) 10 Conversation Starters for Networking Success

Networking isn’t rocket science and you’re not alone in this situation. The simple way to start conversations is to think of easy openings that you can use. We’ve come up with a list of 10 conversation starters you can use at your next networking event to give you the confidence to make a new connection.

10 Conversation Starters to Use for Networking Success-1

5) Additional Free Online Tools to Learn New Resume-Boosting Skills

Today’s job marketplace is extremely competitive, so it’s important to always be on top of your game. One way to do this is to learn skills that will make you an asset to any organization. We previously wrote a blog post on free online tools you can use to teach yourself new skills, but we found many more sources that will help you develop into a confident and competent employee. Take a look at the following tools that will boost your resume and advance your career!

Additional Free Online Tools to Learn New Resume-Boosting Skills-1

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