Tips to Help You Seamlessly Re-Enter the Workforce

Posted by Brianna Puccia On Jun 25, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Tips to Help You Seamlessly Re-Enter the WorkforceIf you have taken an extended period of time away from work and then eventually decide to get back into the workforce, you may be experiencing feelings of anxiousness and stress. Maybe you decided on taking a break to go back to school, care for your little ones, travel cross country, or to simply avoid burnout. Whatever the case may be, at some point after your hiatus, you may decide that jumping back into the workforce is the best option for you. For insight on how to help you seamlessly re-enter the work world consider these five tips!

Remain Confident                       

Sending out your resume after an absence can cause some self-doubt, leaving yourself questioning if you are still a qualified candidate in the ever-competitive candidate pool. When a hiring manager is reviewing resumes, they may be hesitant to call you in for an interview if they see that there has been a long employment gap. However, you must remain confident and remind yourself that you are just as qualified as the next candidate. You may have a unique skill or experience that could be beneficial to the employer, leaving them impressed regardless of how long it’s been since working.

Practice Professionalism

If you find that you have forgotten some of the important actions of interviewing, set aside time to practice and research interview tips. Ask a friend to prepare a mock interview with you so that you can practice your tone of voice, how to firmly shake someone’s hand, how to dress appropriately, and how to answer tough interview questions strategically. Practicing will take some of the nerves away when you go in for your actual interview. For additional tips, check out all of our career blogs for expert advice while job searching!

Update your Resume

During your time off, you may have had some time to volunteer, pick up new skills from taking a class, or learn a new language. If you have gained any new skills, make sure you showcase them on your resume. Also, be sure you are being truthful with dates about how much time you took off. Elaborate on the reasons as to why you took the time off and explain that you are re-entering the workforce with a strong desire to start a new position. Focus on all of the positive aspects of your previous experiences and how it correlates to the role you are applying to.


When you are job searching, especially when re-entering into the workforce, it is necessary to communicate with as many people as possible and let them know that you are seeking a new opportunity. Consider attending networking events in your area, post on social media stating that you are currently looking for employment, and reach out to past employers or co-workers. A small conversation could spark up a big opportunity. Remember to gather contact information from others who are willing to provide it, for when it comes time to inquire about a position.

Be Open to Something New

When you’re re-entering the workforce, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to work in the same industry that you have previously worked in. Maybe your employment gap allowed you some time to re-evaluate career goals and aspirations. Ask yourself if you were content with the previous type of work that you were doing. If not, don’t be afraid to try something new. You may end up loving it and never want to look back.

Tips to Help You Seamlessly Re-Enter the Workforce (1)Getting back into the workforce can be stressful yet very fulfilling. Remind yourself that you took time off because it was necessary for you and that getting adjusted to your new schedule will take some time. Also, don’t hesitate to communicate with your new employer so you can have an honest discussion to help you get settled quickly and back to work efficiently.


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