Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

Posted by Erin Bazinet On Aug 12, 2015 10:17:00 AM

 Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

Since I first started using Google Chrome extensions, I’ve tried dozens upon dozens of them to assist in recruiting candidates. However, I wanted to save you some time from all of that testing and instead share with you the top extensions I’ve found to best help you recruit. The following ten Google Chrome extensions are most useful and effective for connecting with candidates, building a personal brand, and managing your social media profiles:

1. Prophet


Connecting with candidates and building relationships is an essential part of recruitment. Prophet is an extension that allows you to discover more information about a candidate from their social media profile. When you are visiting the candidate's social media profile, Prophet will try to find other ways for you to connect with this candidate (such as other social media sites, an email address, blogs, phone numbers, and more)


Similar to Prophet, this extension also helps to discover other ways to connect with candidates. This could include additional social media profiles, contact information, similar profiles online, as well as connection paths (which shows you similar connections so you can create a warm introduction).

3. Rapportive


Rapportive is an extension that shows you additional information from your Gmail contacts. This tool allows you to see how active your candidates or prospects are on social media, which social media profiles they have, and further develop candidate relationships with them.

4. Email Hunter


Email Hunter is an extension that allows you to easily find email addresses from any website to contact candidates. This tool has proved to be useful when searching for LinkedIn profiles as well.

5. Buffer



It’s important to show your expertise through social media as you continue to build your brand as a recruiter. However, posting to each of your social media accounts can take up a lot of time during your day. Buffer is an extension that helps you to schedule your social media postings throughout the day so you don't have to manually post each time to each of your accounts. This tool also tracks your results so you are able to determine which types of posts attract the most engagement and interactions.

6. Feedly Mini


When promoting content on social media, it can also take time to find what content you need to post each day. Feedly Mini is a Chrome extension that allows you to add a variety of websites, blogs, and RSS feeds to your Feedly account. This extension helps to have all of your industry related content in one area; saving you time when you want to set up your social media postings each day.



As you establish a social media following, it’s necessary to monitor who you follow and who is following you back. helps you to manage your Twitter (and Instagram) account by showing you important information about your following. This extension shows you who recently unfollowed you, who are inactive users, compare users, and send messages to multiple users.

8. SimilarWeb


It's crucial to know which websites and online communities will be best to post on when promoting your job openings. SimilarWeb is an extension that allows you to see how much traffic, engagement, and visitors a particular website gets. This tool provides information which helps to determine if a website would be beneficial to post jobs to, as well as makes comparisons to similar websites.

9. StayFocusd


With so much activity going on in the day of a recruiter, it’s easy to get distracted when spending so much time online. StayFocusd is an extension that increases your productivity and limits the amount of time you can spend on specific websites. Say you only want to spend a little time searching for candidates on LinkedIn. You can set a time limit, for example one hour, and once your allotted time has been used up, that particular site will be blocked for the rest of the day. StayFocusd does exactly what its name says; helps you to focus on your time management.

10. LastPass


When working in recruitment, you typically sign up or register to a number of different websites for social media, job boards, online communities, databases and more. It can be difficult to keep track of the many logins and passwords you need to access all of these. LastPass is a password management extension that saves your passwords for a number of sites and gives you secure access to all of them. You are able to store passwords and create stronger passwords overall. You only have to remember one password going forward; the one to your LastPass account.

As busy as a day in the life of a recruiter can be, there are tools that can make the process easier. Try these Google Chrome extensions to not only help to find and connect with candidates, but to also become more organized and further establish your personal brand.


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