Top Resume Advice from the JOHNLEONARD Team

Posted by JOHNLEONARD On Aug 29, 2017 10:09:34 AM

Top Resume Advice from the JOHNLEONARD Team.pngWhether you’re just applying to your first job or are an experienced professional looking for a new opportunity, it’s always important to know what works best on a resume. Our JOHNLEONARD team consistently stays up to date on the latest resume trends and tips, so they know what will help you land that interview. Take a look at each of these top tips which will assist you in improving your resume.

Resume Advice- Alexandra.pngAdvice from Alexandra: You need to keep the right tense in each section of your resume. You want to utilize the past tense for your previous roles because those experiences have already happened. Your most recent position and experiences should be in the present tense because these are ongoing actions that you are doing currently.

Resume Advice- Rob.pngAdvice from Rob: When recruiters and hiring managers are looking at resumes, they have specific skills they are looking for in the most qualified candidates. By having this information at the top, it will make your resume stand out at first glance and catch their attention a lot faster.

Resume Advice- Kathleen.pngAdvice from Kathleen: When listing out skills on your resume, it’s important to be as specific as possible. For example, don’t just include “strong computer skills.” List out exactly which skills on the computer you have, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe InDesign, QuickBooks, and more. By listing all of your skills, you don’t leave room for questioning and can also attract potential employers that require such skillsets.

Resume Advice- Jen D..pngAdvice from Jennifer: It’s important to remove any unnecessary personal information from your resume. This type of information takes up space on your resume that could be used for more relevant purposes. A personal photo or headshot can be distracting, so it’s best to avoid putting those on as well.

Resume Advice- Chris.pngAdvice from Chris: Even the smallest error can deter a hiring manager or recruiter from giving your resume a second look. They look at resumes every day so they will absolutely notice grammar and spelling mistakes. Double check every time you submit your resume or have a friend look it over to check for any errors you may have missed.

Resume Advice- Chloe.pngAdvice from Chloe: Adding personality to your resume doesn’t mean you should list all of your hobbies and personal interests. You want to find things that can create conversation with a potential employer, as well as give some insight into the type of person you are. As mentioned, add things like clubs or committees you’re part of, volunteering experiences, or pertinent accomplishments outside of work.

Resume Advice- Cameran.pngAdvice from Cameran: Including graphics or an abstract format can affect how your resume looks when you apply. You don’t know what type of computer a recruiter has or applicant tracking system an employer uses, so an elaborate resume may not be processed correctly in their system. You want to keep your resume as clean as possible so you don’t have to worry about it being viewed correctly.

Resume Advice- Jen K..pngAdvice from Jennifer: You need to ensure that each past and current role is listed accurately on your resume. Don’t falsely extend your time of employment to fill any gaps in your resume or lie about when you got hired. If an organization wants to verify this information and they find it to be inaccurate, it can greatly hurt your chances of landing a job. Before submitting your resume, make sure all of the dates you included are correct and not exaggerated.

Resume Advice- Elyse.pngAdvice from Elyse: You don’t want your resume to go over two pages, so there may be irrelevant information you can remove from your resume. This especially goes for those who have been in the workforce for a while. If there are internship experiences or jobs you had over the summer that aren’t relevant any longer, take it off your resume.

We hope these tips will assist you with creating or improving your resume as you apply to jobs. Be sure to also subscribe to the JOHNLEONARD blog in order to continue receiving top career and job search advice!

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