How Can College Experiences Be Translated Into Job Search Success?

Posted by Alyssa Bourne-Peters on Oct 5, 2017 10:33:22 AM

For most of your college career you have probably been told that internships are key for landing a job after college. While they still are very important for your career, internships are not the only way to gain new skills and experience in your particular field of interest. There are additional ways to gain that needed experience both in and out of the classroom that you may not have thought of initially. Keep reading to see which experiences in college can translate to experience needed when searching for jobs.


How to Tackle Your First Networking Event

Posted by Danielle Walker on Jun 20, 2017 10:23:18 AM

Networking events can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first one. However, you need to network to open the door to career-boosting opportunities. A new survey revealed that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking, so it’s important to start making an impression. Utilize the following tips if you’re just starting to get involved in the world of networking and aren’t sure where to begin.


How to Juggle a Full Class Load and an Internship

Posted by Elizabeth DeSilva on Sep 27, 2016 10:38:44 AM

Being a full-time college student keeps you busy enough, but then deciding to take on an internship during the semester adds even more to your schedule. You have to take into account your course load, a commute to the internship, extracurricular activities, and maintaining a normal college life on top of it.


How to Make Sure Your Entry-Level Resume Shines

Posted by Erin Bazinet on May 19, 2016 9:42:43 AM

As college students across the country prepare to graduate, many of them will be looking to enter the workforce and land a full-time job. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 67% of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year. With this positive news, it’s time for graduates to prepare their entry-level resume so they are able to impress recruiters and employers. These following tips will help you take what you did throughout your college career and make it shine on paper.


Why Young Professionals Need to Intern

Posted by Rachel MacDonald on Aug 18, 2015 9:39:00 AM

Summer 2015 has come to a swift end, and with it so does my marketing and business development internship at JOHNLEONARD. This isn’t my first time around the block; it’s my 7th internship to be exact. Time after time people always ask me why I am such an advocate for interning. There is this longstanding stereotype that interns will be responsible for coffee runs and photo copying, but in most instances this is no longer the case. Here are 5 reasons I intern, and why all young professionals trying to establish themselves in their industry should too.


5 Things to Know Before Graduating

Posted by Blair Fleming on Apr 2, 2015 10:00:00 AM

As a blissfully ignorant recent grad I thought my new “College Graduate” status qualified me for any job I wanted.  What made things worse is that I honestly expected to be handed a job when I graduated, so instead of working towards a job, I simply expected to graduate and then miraculously land a job without any effort. Wrong!


Help! Hire Me: The Millennial Generation

Posted by Blair Fleming on May 14, 2013 2:00:00 PM

Millennials in this economy are finding it hard to land a job interview let alone a job!  As this growing population of educated tech savvy individuals (born between 1980 and 1995) come into the job market, they are finding that not only are there fewer jobs available, but that employers seem to becoming ever more demanding about what they are looking for in candidates.  “Employers all say they want at least one or more years of experience for a job that is supposed to be for someone right out of college?!” , says  I can say from personal experience that this is no joke!  After graduating in 2009 with a double major I looked around for an entry level position for over two years.  During those two years I worked as a barista and held contract roles to stay viable in the job market, and I am not the only one.


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