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"Thanks to all of you - you're running a class act there!" Boston Expo

What people are saying about our Temporary Convention Staff:

"I wanted to highlight the exceptional services that JOHNLEONARD provided for our event. Your team was responsive in a short period of time, even given the weather, and the staff they provided to support the conference was top-notch. Staff members took the initiative, were flexible with assignments, and worked extra hours when requested. Just plain ol’ friendly too!"

Kyle W., Event Manager

“Everyone you sent us was professional, punctual, courteous, and friendly. A few stood out from the rest because of their personality or because of the position they worked for us and how they handled it. The badge printing station was a new station for us and we didn’t expect the volume we received on the opening day. Dorothy, Leslie, Michael G, and Armi were able to handle the volume with professionalism along with a warm welcome to our attendees. Maya was perfect in the special assistance role. She was kind, caring, and patient. She was on time and kept in touch with the attendee as well as me. Fred was wonderful as a greeter, he is a big personality and thrives in this position. Maria, get this lady a full-time microphone, she spoke clearly while using a commanding voice. If you ever get asked for an announcer you have found your person! John is a great communicator and would jump in wherever needed with a smile.”

- Jennifer P., Meeting Specialist 

“We had a great conference with the help of your staff. They were wonderful to work with, accommodating to our needs, and very helpful. There were a few staff members that I feel really went above and beyond to make our conference guests welcome. They were eager to help, took the time to learn the conference, read the agenda, understand our mobile app, and always had a welcoming smile for the guests.”

- Michele A., Financial & Project Management

"Everyone was so great!! They truly made my job so much easier, especially since this was my first convention with HRS and the first one that I’ve planned in a while!! John, Joe, Kervin, Michelle, and Tak were especially great. Everyone was super helpful and very happy to be back at work, I couldn’t have asked for a better crew!! Thanks again for all of your help on the front end and I hope to work with you again when we return in 2024. Hopefully, things will be more back to “normal” than they are now!!"

- Pamela H., Meetings and Events Manager

"Your employees are such amazing people and ran our registration area with efficiency, warmth, and such contagious joy. This is my fourth conference where I've overseen registration and worked with our local temp employees, and I have never been so impressed by any of the previous groups I have gotten to work with. They had everything down to such an effortless system, and I rarely had to assist them with any questions. A lot of our conference attendants came up to me throughout the week to tell me how great they are and there were even some of our registrants who pulled up a chair next to their tables, just to talk with them when things slowed down. My time in Boston was so memorable, and a big part of that was getting to work alongside your employees."

- Rob T., Administrative Coordinator 

"Your staff was so professional, so caring, and quickly provided me the help I needed and then went above and beyond to ensure I understood the issue and how to fix it. They really embodied the principle of customer service, and you are lucky to have them as they are wonderful, goodwill ambassadors. Thanks to all of you - you're running a class act there!"

Roberta S., Conference Attendee

"Your staff was wonderful onsite, very professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful in every way possible. The supervisor John, was extremely professional and on top of everything. Thank you so much for all of your help. Your staff helped to make the conference registration process seamless for our attendees. I look forward to working with you again next year!"

- Jennifer M., Registration and Events Manager

"Thank you so much for reaching out and for providing another fantastic crew for our event! Everyone was professional, pleasant, and hard working. It was a pleasure working with you all and we look forward to doing so again soon!"

- Brittany B., Event Manager

"Everything went really well. Your team did a great job and I really enjoyed working with them. They were all very professional and friendly and were very adaptable to all the changes that come with a large meeting. I appreciate all they did and they were a pleasure to work with."

- Lisa C., Registration Specialist 

"The staff was terrific as always! Everyone was professional, courteous, and friendly. No issues at all. It was great to see so many familiar faces. Thank you for everything. You and the team are truly a pleasure to work with!"

- Jenn M., Meetings and Event Registration Manager

"Your team was awesome. They came in and quickly jumped in to learn the system and asked questions when needed. I enjoyed working with the JOHNLEONARD registration staff."

- Shelon A., Director, Exhibits & Revenue Programs

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