Meet Our Team

Derek McKinley President
Rob Harvie Director of Staffing
Jennifer DeLucia Director of Staffing
Jennifer Kuchy Senior Consultant
Chris Wallingford Senior Consultant
Mackenzie Schiavone Consultant
Kenneth Kozens Consultant
Dana Colarocco Consultant
Cori Forbes Senior Recruiter
Kayla Robinson Recruiter
Rachel Pierce Recruiter
Elyse Gonsalves Staffing Manager
Samantha Mulrenin Consultant
Connor Avery Consultant
Patrick Webler Consultant
Aretha Pinkney Consultant
Robert Coughlin Controller
John Poldoian IT Director
Deb Mills Director of Operations
Stacy Hogan Office Administrator
Lexi Albrecht Marketing Manager

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  • “Your interview preparation package is hands-down the most valuable, concise and relevant information I have encountered during my career research. You have gone above and beyond to help me secure the job offer." - Dawne B.

  • "Thank you very much for the effort you put forward during our recent search. Although we did not select a candidate from you, the quality of the candidates was outstanding. Enclosed is a check that will help offset the time put in on our behalf. I look forward to working with you again." - Ken W., President

  • "I couldn't have gotten here without JOHNLEONARD taking a chance on me. I'm truly grateful for all the help and support your agency has given me over the past year, and it's not something I will forget." - Anthony A.

  • "WOW...Just W-O-W! The Temporary Representative you sent me was unbelievable! Not only was she detailed and thorough but she truly offered to help in any way she could...AND she had such a great sense of humor and pleasant manner about her! She was punctual and was dressed in professional/business attire. We will most certainly use your services again in the future." - Gretel H., Business Owner

  • "Thank you for all your great support over the years. You always made me feel valued and cared-for. I've recommended JOHNLEONARD to many friends. You and your co-workers do a wonderful job!" - Christine P.

  • "We have been extremely pleased with the caliber of service and candidates JOHNLEONARD has provided, so pleased that we do not call any other agency. Additionally, the HR Director says that your billing process is so much more streamlined and easy compared to the other services we have worked with." - Lois D., Office Administrator

  • "You are by far one of the best recruiters I have had the chance to work with."
    - Benjamin S.

  • "The team at JOHNLEONARD is professional and helpful, and understands the needs and expectations of my organization. We've used the company's temporary and direct hire services for more than eight years, and thanks to the team there, we have several very valuable staff members. JOHNLEONARD has been a great addition to our recruiting efforts!" - Kimberly L., Managing Director