We hope you are staying safe and healthy!

JOHNLEONARD is back in the office.

Our return to office plan complies with the Sector-Specific Workplace Specific Safety Standards for Offices to Address COVID-19, as laid out in the Reopening Advisory Board's report published May 18, 2020 and all applicable updates. Best practice recommendations based on the consolidation of information gathered from a variety of sources have also been incorporated.

As an organization, we have taken every step to ensure that we are knowledgeable and have access to expertise in CDC, EEOC, OSHA rules and regulations as well as State and Local mandates and advisories.

What you can expect from JOHNLEONARD:

We are back in the office. *The situation will be constantly monitored on a weekly/monthly basis. This plan may be adjusted based on circumstances existing at the time.

On returning to the office, JOHNLEONARD will continue to operate as usual but will practice social distancing and take all the necessary safety precautions:

  • We Picture1-4will have a deep clean and sanitization using full coverage electrostatic spraying of sanitizer and disinfectant approved for use against COVID-19. Regular and frequent cleaning will take place thereafter
  • Our office space has been reconfigured to comply with all social distancing requirements (6 feet separation between individuals)
  • We will continue meeting with people virtually through video conferencing and phone calls, as visitors (candidates, clients, vendors) are not permitted until further notice
  • A supply of PPE has been purchased and is available for in-office use
  • Every individual will have their temperature tested upon entering the office (employees at the start of their day) and individuals with a temperature of >100˚F will not be permitted entry

Some food for thought: 

  • Amid the economic uncertainty created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, many organizations are continuing to fill strategically important vacancies. Most of our clients are working remotely and continue to proactively interview candidates via phone calls and video chat. 
  • There is no doubt that the current economic disruption will eventually abate and organizations across all industries will have a sizable pent-up demand for both temporary and direct hire employees.
  • If you’ve been laid off, are thinking of making a career change, or just looking for a new opportunity, contact JOHNLEONARD to best position yourself to avail of both current and future temporary and direct hire opportunities. 
  • If you’re looking to hire either temporary or direct hire employees, have a need for a third-party payroll service, or simply want to proactively build a bench of top talent for when business conditions return to normal, JOHNLEONARD is here to help.

To speak to a JOHNLEONARD staffing expert please dial 617.423.6800 and follow the prompts, otherwise, email info@johnleonard.com.

Performance Guarantee 

JOHNLEONARD ensures 100% satisfaction.

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