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Untitled design (5)-1Build your confidence by sharpening your computer skills or by brushing up on software applications. JOHNLEONARD provides "in-house" relevant software skills training to help you strengthen your analytical, organizational, and creative abilities.  Over 200 tutorials offered. 

Sample Tutorials (Lastest Versions):

Microsoft Excel - This spreadsheet application lets you store, organize and manipulate data using formulas and charts.

Microsoft Word - This word processing application allows you to create documents and marketing materials.

Microsoft PowerPoint - PowerPoint is a presentation program great for presenting data, interactive proposals or ideas, and key information for meetings.

Microsoft Access - Access is a relational database management system that allows you to store information used for reporting and analysis.

Microsoft Outlook - This personal information manager allows you to easily connect with people by helping you manage your email, calendar, tasks, and reminders.

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